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How Will a Change in Football Kickoff Times Affect Your CBS Sunday Favorites?

Image article about how the Football's Sunday Schedule on CBS Sunday nights will affect the shows airing on that same night, as The Mentalist.

A 10-minute difference in football start times likely will be 10 times the headache for fans of CBS’ Sunday-evening line-up. The National Football League announced Thursday that it will move its 4:15/3:15c Sunday kickoffs to 4:25 in order to reduce overlap with games that start at 1. That means that the Sundays that CBS broadcasts a 4:25 game — nine weeks out of the 17-week regular NFL season — its primetime fare will be pushed even later than in years past.Football’s variable play time has long wreaked havoc on fans of CBS’ Sunday-night offerings. Now, viewers will have an even tougher time figuring out when The Amazing Race, The Good Wife and Sunday newbie The Mentalist — in the 8, 9 and 10 pm slots, respectively — will begin or end. (Diehards, it’s probably a good idea to admit defeat and have the DVR record all night.)Source: tvline…

Robin Tunney in Japan: new photos

New photos from Robin's promotion of The Mentalist in Japan keep on coming!
I added two new pictures to the Gallery, at THIS LINK

Thanks to komaki-lisbon for the heads up.


This is my new fanvideo -Teresa- with the beautiful song "Teresa" by Peter Bradley Adams, that inspired me for this video. Hope you'll like it :)

Song's lyrics:I watch her walk before meHer children in her armsThe proof of all her choicesI see the weight in her eyesShe's learned to talk to angelsThat's how that she survivesA mother and a fatherThey come to her at night
Oh Saint TeresaI know you're tiredSo lay with me and rest a while
There's no way for me to love herThere's no way for me to stopSo I wait the night to meet herIn a dream that I have lostI watch her walk before meShe leaves me with a smileAnd I'm frozen by the spiritBy the light in her eyes
Oh Saint TeresaI know you're tiredSo lay with me and rest a while

Which was your favourite episode of The Mentalist Season 4? Poll Results

So, here we come with the results of the poll I opened last month, that asked you which was your favourite episode of the The Mentalist Season 4.
And the winner, with a huge amount of votes, is...

The Mentalist Season 4 Finale "The Crimson Hat".

See all the results:

1. 4x24 "The Crimson Hat" - 165 votes
2. 4x10 "Fugue In Red" - 40 votes
3. 4x07 "Blinking Red Light" - 14 votes

* 4x22 "So Long, and Thanks for All the Red Snapper" - 8 votes
* 4x17 "Cheap Burgundy" - 6 votes
* 4x06 "Where in the World is Carmine O'Brien" - 5 votes
* 4x21 "Ruby Slippers"4x21 "Ruby Slippers" - 4 votes
* 4x05 "Blood And Sand" - 3 votes
* 4x18 "Ruddy Cheeks" & 4x20 "Something Rotten in Redmund" - 2 votes each
* 4x01 "Scarlet Ribbons", 4x02 "Little Red Book", 4x03 "Pretty Red Balloon", 4x04 "Ring Around the Rosie", 4x11 "Always Bet On Red", 4x12 &q…

deadCenter Film Festival Awards- See Girl Run

Here's the video of deadCenter Film Festival Awards' Presentation. As you know, "See Girl Run" won as Best Narrative Feature, so at minute 7.00 you can see Director Nate Meyer receving the Award.
Again congratulations to all See Girl Run Cast&Crew!

Source: deadCENTERfilm

New Robin Tunney photo from Japan

A new, beautiful photo of Robin during her promotion of The Mentalist in Japan:

Thanks to komaki-lisbon for the heads up.

Robin Tunney's Japanese Press Preview Transcription

I made the transcription of Robin's Press Preview Interview for The Mentalist in Japan last month.

To read it click on Read More.
You can also find it in the Interviews Section.

Robin Tunney in Japan- Update

There are a few more updates about Robin Tunney's visit to Japan to promote Season 3 of The Mentalist.
I added a few more photos to the Gallery at THIS LINK
Thanks to aoyuduki for the heads up.
@mako_ike and @Chizuruchibi provided the translation for  THIS article.
To read it, click on Read More.Moreover, the Japanese channel dramanaviMovie posted on its Youtube a video that summarizes the whole Robin's press conference in Tokyo.
Here's the video:

UPDATE: A nice signed photo by Robin for a Japanese Magazine:

Thanks to komaki-lisbon for the heads up.

Happy Birthday Robin!!!

Today's a really special day for all Robin Tunney's Fans!Today it's her Birthday! :D
I wish all the best to Robin, that she may spend this day surrounded by the Love of all her Family, Friends, and her Fans too, from all around the world!
If somehow this message will reach Robin, I don't know, but I just want to say how much inspiring she is for me, how many feelings and emotions she makes me feel with her amazing performances. Her down-to-earth and positive attitude teaches me everyday that you can be successful, and still being able to enjoy life at full with simplicity. Thanks to Robin I met wonderful people who are now very close to my heart, with whom I not only share the passion for her Art, but I also share a friendship that goes even beyond living far away.For all this and much more, Robin, thank you so much!
Keep on being the wonderful person and actress you are, and I wish you all the best for your life and career!

I also created…

Gallery Update- Robin Tunney out and about in Beverly Hills

I found some new photos of Robin out and about in Beverly Hills from June 13, 2012.

You can find them in the Gallery, in the updated album, at THIS LINK

Source: ramey

New Summer Layout!

As you can see, Summer restyle for Robin's Green Shades! ;)I hope you like this new layout!

New Photos of Robin Tunney in Japan

Other new photos of Robin in Japan for The Mentalist promotion have been added to the Gallery.

To see them, click HERE

Thanks to aoyuduki for the heads up.

Translation of Japanese Interview

Here's the translation of another Japanese article/ interview to Robin, from the website - Thanks a lot to mako_ike for it and Chizuruchibi for the help.

Robin Tunney came to Japan to promote "The Mentalist", and she's very friendly with us. 
Patrick Jane is a "mentalist". He reads people's hearts. He cooperates with the CBI as a consultant, and closes various cases with his abilities.Patrick Jane is played by Simon Baker, who became very popular for his role in this drama.
It has already been decided that this show will be reniewed, as his work helps to keep a good level. 

In the highly competitive world of american drama television, why does this drama have so much success? We asked Robin Tunney. 
RT: "There are a few reasons. First of all, a lot of viewers want to watch Simon Baker (laughs). 
I think his charm attracts people, like a magnet.  This drama in itself contains a story but it's the entire atmosphere that is unique. 
It …

The Mentalist CBS Promo: Moving to Sundays!

Here's the first CBS promo announcing The Mentalist moving to Sunday night, 10pm.

Thanks to Chizuruchibi

See Girl Run wins at deadCenter Film Festival!

deadCenter Film Festival announced today its awards, and See Girl Run wins for Best Narrative Feature!!
See the news on the Festival's website, HERE

Congratulations to all the Cast and Crew of See Girl Run!! 

First See Girl Run review from deadCenter Film Festival

First See Girl Run review from deadCenter Film Festival yesterday, from

This film follows Robin Tunney's character, a thirty-something married woman in the city who finds herself wondering about an old love that was never quite put to rest.Every single character in this film was perfectly casted. Adam Scott (well known for his role in Parks and Recreation) nailed his role as a frog-drawing artist who is still following his dreams, and never seems to make you feel sorry for him. Jeremy Strong plays Robin's brother - an alcoholic with a broken heart who is living at home with their parents. Strong also plays his role perfectly - being funny and sad all at once.The script is very well written - it had us laughing out loud just a few second in. We were so lucky to have writer/director Nate Meyer in attendance at our screening tonight. Following the film he talked more about the making of the film and his idea behind the script. He told us that so many films t…

See Girl Run today and Sunday at deadCenter Film Festival

Tonight deadCenter Film Festival will host the first of the two screenings of See Girl Run. 
The second one will be Sunday, June 10.

For all the info, check the Festival's Official Website
As it is reported on said website, the Filmmaker will be in attendance.

New photos of Robin Tunney in Japan

I found a few new photos of Robin in Japan to promote The Mentalist Season 3.

You can find them in the Gallery, at THIS LINK


The Mentalist Season 4 DVD

The Mentalist - Official Announcement from Warner for 'The Complete 4th Season' on DVD
Look for it in stores around the middle of September

Red John is dead. Or is he? Following on last season's explosive finale, Patrick Jane returns for Season Four of The Mentalist. Starring Emmy(R)and Golden Globe nominee Simon Baker as the California Bureau of Investigation consultant and former faux-psychic obsessed with finding Red John, the serial killer who murdered his family, this hit procedural combines crime-solving twists with wry humor that celebrate mind over matter. While Jane learns the true price of revenge and must deal with the fallout from his actions of the previous season, the rest of the CBI team - Agents Teresa Lisbon, Kimball Cho, Wayne Rigsby and Grace Van Pelt - find themselves involved in circumstances both personal and professional with equally serious consequences. With a new boss and new cases, the unconventional Patrick Jane continues to use his expert skills …

See Girl Run at deadCenter Film Festival

As anticipated, See Girl Run will be at deadCenter Film Festival in Oklahoma City this week, with screenings June 8 and 10.
The Oklahoma Gazette published this short article about the movie:
Awesome Okie Films  - See Girl Run Director: Nate Meyer / 90 min. • 8:45 pm, Friday, June 8, Harkins Theatre 3 • 8:15, Sunday, June 10, Harkins Theatre 2See Girl Run is a surprisingly good date movie starring Robin Tunney and Adam Scott. Tunney plays Emmie, a 30-something woman that decides to revisit her past relationships in order to find some guidance in her current life. Disregarding her current obligations, she digs into her romantic past in hopes of invigorating her present. The surprisingly insightful and thoughtful film also stars Adam Scott as her lost love and Jeremy Strong as the husband she is not sure she wants to keep. See Girl Run was one of the earliest submissions and the dCFF programming team has been talking about it since last fall.Source:

New Photos of Robin Tunney in Japan

I uploaded to the Gallery some new photos of Robin promoting The Mentalist in Japan, you can see them at THIS LINK

There are also two articles, in Japanese, HERE and HERE
I'll see if I can provide you a translation ;)

Thanks to Van for the heads up.

The Mentalist Season 5... and more!

Yesterday, former The Mentalist Writer Ashley Gable confirmed on her twitter account that in addition to the already confirmed Season 5, The Mentalist will surely have a sixth season!

Also, The Mentalist Writer Jordan Harper wrote on his twitter that he's back to work on The Mentalist Season 5 from today!

See Girl Run Review from True View Reviews

I found a new See Girl Run review, from the website True View

To read it, click on Read More.

Bruno Heller teases The Mentalist Season 5

TV Guide Issue of week June 6-10 2012 has a short article in which Bruno Heller anticipates something about The Mentalist Season 5.
The Mentalist will come back in September with new episodes on a new day, Sunday, at 10pm.
To read the article, click on Read More.

Source: TVGuide
Thanks to Tia from for the transcription.