Monday, March 31, 2014

The Mentalist 6x16 Screencaptures and Recap

You will find in the Gallery the screencaptures of the (fabulous!) episode of The Mentalist aired last night, 6x16 "Violets".
To see them, click HERE

You will also find my recap of the episode HERE


I remind you that a new episode of The Mentalist will air Sunday, April 13.  

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mission Accomplished! Robin Tunney trending on Twitter!

Mission accomplished! Robin Tunney was a trend on twitter both worldwide and in the US!

Thanks to @peppermintsnow_ and @starrynineteen for the screencaps.

Let's trend Robin Tunney!!

As part of the "Save The Mentalist" campaign, today on twitter we'll be trying to trend Robin Tunney!
So, if you're on twitter, join the fandom! ;)
Your tweets have to contain Robin's name, of course.

Check the trending time here, thanks to @SaveMentalist 

New The Mentalist Tonight!

New episode of The Mentalist tonight! And Robin's character Teresa Lisbon goes undercover!
Curious to see a Lisbon you've never seen before? Don't miss 6x16 "Violets", 10pm, CBS.

Here's a new sneak peek from the episode:

Source: redjohn1992

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Robin Tunney New Interview: "I have a pretty wonderful charmed life"

Is fame a blessing or a curse? Robin Tunney should know as one of the stars of The Mentalist, one of the most successful US dramas of recent years.
“It’s weird because I have a pretty wonderful charmed life,” she admits. “I did my first movies when the internet wasn’t so pronounced and there weren’t photographers everywhere. I had a great time being in my twenties in New York, and it was never overwhelming.”
While co-star Simon Baker honing his craft in Australian shows such as Home and Away and Heartbreak High, Chicago- born Tunney dipped her toe in projects such as California Man, Law & Order and Empire Records. Solid if not star-making work.“I never had one of those moments where one day I hadn’t done anything and the next day everybody knew who I was,” she says. “It was a sort of slow and steady build, and I’m still lucky whether it’s a nicer restaurant or you check into a hotel and they might give you a nicer room but I’ve had a different sort of trajectory, and it’s been very balanced.”
The likes of Keira Knightley and Charlize Theron may juggle their time between making movies and selling the latest fragrance, but Ms Tunney doesn’t mind being on the fringes of that world.
“I’ve never been so famous that I got paid millions of dollars to do perfume ads, but it’s been a pretty great life for me,” she says.“I’ve been pretty appreciative. I think I’ve got the perfect level where I’ve gotten to do what I love and earn a nice, comfortable living and still not had people sleeping outside my house. It’s been great.”

Thanks to @ohsheepdip for the heads up.

The Mentalist Star Robin Tunney - Give it up Cubs Fans, You’ll Never Win Another World Series!

A short video with our Robin, spotted a couple of days ago out in LA.

Chicago Cubs fans praying for a World Series title are wasting their time, 'cause according to "Mentalist" hottie Robin Tunney, it ain't happening ... EVER. 
Robin was out in West Hollywood this weekend when we asked the Chicago native -- and White Sox fan -- what would happen in Chi Town if the Cubs pulled it together and finally won the World Series again. 
And that’s when Robin delivered the truth bomb. 
Fun Fact – Robin once competed in the World Series of Poker … which is one more World Series than the Cubs have been to since 1908. Ouch.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Mentalist 6x15 Screencaptures and Recap

You will find in the Gallery the screencaptures of last night's episode of The Mentalist, 6x15 "White As The Driven Snow".
To see the images click HERE

You will also find HERE my recap of the episode.


The Mentalist 6x16 CBS Extended Promo

Source: The Mentalist

The Mentalist Insider's Blog - White As The Driven Snow

This week's Insider's Blog is written by Eoghan Mahony, author of the episode.
"White as the Driven Snow" was a hard episode to write and shoot, but it was an exciting one! And in the end, it may be my favorite in all the six years I worked on the show. There’s no body on the floor at the beginning of the episode, instead Grace Van Pelt, a beloved core character, has been taken and the rest of the team is desperately racing to find her. We’re in scary territory here, but hopefully in a good and exciting way!
All of us in the writer’s room are hyper-aware that a great part of the success of a show like the Mentalist is built on the bonds formed between the audience and the characters, and we’re conscious of the responsibility we have to honor that. Writing an episode where I put some of your favorite characters (and ours!) in extreme jeopardy definitely gave me a few sleepless nights, but I hope that you all enjoy the end result.
Getting into production was a great relief, because I always know that our incredible cast and crew will transform whatever is on the page into something truly magical. This episode I felt extra lucky, because Chris Long was directing, and if you’ve been watching the show at all over the last six years, you know that if Chris Long directed the episode, it’s going to be a good one (not that they aren’t all good, but let’s face it, he brings a little extra). He’s a guy who comes up with great new ways of telling the story both large and small. My favorite in this episode was when he looked at me early on in the process and said, “I’ve got an idea that’ll really make this episode look different from anything we done before.” And he wasn’t kidding! I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but when you’ve watched, I think you’ll agree that he came up with a location that really makes you go ‘wow!.
Finally, I want to draw your attention to the performances given by Owain Yoeman and Amanda Righetti. This was an episode that demanded a great deal from them, emotionally and physically, and they rose to the challenge. I have been constantly amazed over the past six years by the work that our actors do and in this episode they all brought it. Simon and Robin are in top form as always, and our new cast members have jumped in with amazing enthusiasm. I hope you all enjoy the episode as much as we enjoyed making it.
- Writer Eoghan Mahony

Sunday, March 23, 2014

New The Mentalist Tonight!

New episode of The Mentalist tonight, and it's really one you don't want to miss!!
6x15 "White As The Driven Snow" airs at 10pm on CBS.

Here's a very interesting sneak peek from the episode:

Source: SpoilerTv

The Mentalist Season 6 Finale Title

The title of The Mentalist Season 6 Finale has finally been revealed: "Blue Bird". 

Source: SpoilerTV 

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Mentalist 6x14 Screencaptures and Recap

You will find in the Gallery the screencaptures of last night's episode of The Mentalist, 6x14 "Grey Water".
To see them, click HERE

You will also find HERE my recap of the episode.


Also, check out what Jimmy Gadd, one of The Mentalist's editors, has written for the fans on twitter!

The Mentalist 6x15 CBS Promo

Source: The Mentalist

The Mentalist Insider's Blog: Grey Water

This week's Insider's Blog, written by Writer David Appelbaum about episode 6x14 "Grey Water".
“Grey Water” was one of the most challenging episodes of “The Mentalist” I’ve written.  In a typical show, there is one main story that we follow – the “A” story, as we call it.  Usually this revolves around finding a dead body and Jane figuring out who the killer is.  In “Grey Water,” the “A” story brings us to a small town in Texas, where an anti-fracking advocate has been found murdered. 
While this is going on, there’s another sub-plot.  Often the sub-plot, or the “B” story, is much smaller and less significant.  But in this episode, that wasn’t the case.  The “B” story is about the continuing investigation into who is killing former members of the CBI team.   Scene for scene, it occupies nearly as much space as the “A” story.  
This is a long way of saying that there is A LOT going on in this episode.  Even though creating these two big stories and finding ways to weave them together took a great deal of work, I think it makes for a great result.  There’s no wasted space.  The action just keeps hurtling forward.  All and all, it makes for an exciting hour of television.
While there are a number of great scenes, I have to say my favorite part of the show happens in the first few minutes.  We find Rigsby, Van Pelt, and their daughter Maddy at home in San Francisco.  Without giving away any spoilers, it’s a pretty cool sequence.  So make sure you get to your TVs by 10 PM.  You don’t want to miss a minute.  (I guess you could record the show, but isn’t watching live so much better?)
Hope you guys enjoy!

Writer David Appelbaum

Sunday, March 16, 2014

New The Mentalist Tonight!

New episode of The Mentalist tonight! Episode 3x14 "Grey Water" airs at 10pm on CBS, don't miss it!

Here's two sneak peek from the episode:

 Source: SpoilerTv 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Mentalist's Renewal in danger

CBS has announced today early renewals for its new Season.
Unfortunately, The Mentalist is not among those shows.

We'll have to wait until May, to know the final list of renewals, to know if The Mentalist will have Season 7.

In the meantime, if you're on twitter, you can let CBS and Warner Brothers know that we fans want another season for our favourite show!
How? We're currently tweeting this: 

The Mentalist ‪#‎RenewTheMentalist‬ @CBS @Mentalist_CBS @warnerbrostv 

Copy and paste, and let your friends know! Thank you!

The Mentalist 6x21 Title

The title of The Mentalist episode 6x21 is "Black Hearts".

Source and thank you to @TA4TV 

Spoiler Alert: 7 New Promotional Photos from The Mentalist 6x16

Click on Read More for 7 new The Mentalist 6x16 Promotional Photos.

Source: seat42f

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Mentalist 6x13 Screencaptures and Recap

Finally, after what seemed a neverending hiatus, we're back with new episodes of The Mentalist, and new screencaptures!
You will find those from last night's episode, 6x13 "Black Helicopters", on the Gallery at THIS LINK.

You can also read my recap of the episode HERE.

Enjoy! It's great to be back to the good ol' routine ;)

The Mentalist 6x14 CBS Extended Promo

Source: The Mentalist

The Mentalist 6x14 CBS Promo

Source: SpoilerTV

The Mentalist Insider's Blog: Black Helicopters

This week's Insider's Blog is written by Writer Erika Green Swafford, author of the episode "Black Helicopters":
As someone who spent their formative year in Texas, (I’ve got the awkward “Go Texan Day” school photos to prove it.) I was intrigued when we decided to base the new FBI team out of Austin. Everyone has pre-conceived notions about Texas - the big personalities, the wide open spaces, the ten gallon hats… the glorious barbeque. For my first episode in this new, post-CBI world, I wanted to write something that gave a nod to some of that iconic Texas.
The episode was directed by the super talented and fellow Texan, Randy Zisk. As we moved further along into production, all sorts of secret Texans and lovers of things Texan started revealing themselves – from the guest cast, to members of the crew, to people who provide services to the show. A distinct drawl began to form within the conversations as we connected through our shared love of frito pies, queso, kolaches, and Blue Bell ice cream. Thankfully, Texas delicacies were in short supply at craft services or someone would have had to roll me home everyday.
We are still introducing the new world to you all and there will continue to be new characters and locales that will enrich the episodes and make recurring appearances. In “Black Helicopters” you see the first appearance of Jane’s Airstream. This silver streak has personality plus and is ready to roll. To be honest, I think it needs its own series. (A crime fighting Airstream? Yes, please.) It plays heavily in this episode.
During the shooting of “Black Helicopters”, which took place just after Thanksgiving, the world lost the inimitable Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. (Rest in peace, Mr. Mandela.) Several months prior to the shooting, as I was formulating the story, I had the idea to put one of the characters in a “Free Nelson Mandela” T-Shirt. Our fantastic costume department made that a reality and it gave a lot of people on set pause as a scene with the T-shirt was filmed on the day reports of Mr. Mandela’s passing came in.
I decided to title the episode “Black Helicopters” in reference to the paranoia that takes hold of certain people when they see them flying in the air. It’s a theme that runs through the episode along with some interesting revelations about the team.
I thoroughly enjoyed working on this episode and hope y’all like it too.
Yours in bbq brisket on butcher paper,

Writer Erika Green Swafford

Sunday, March 9, 2014

New The Mentalist Tonight!

New episode of The Mentalist tonight, after a really long hiatus! Don't miss episode 6x13 "Black Helicopters" that airs tonight, 10pm, CBS.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Spoiler Alert: Two Sneak Peek from The Mentalist 6x13

Source: SpoilertTV

The second sneak peek can be found on HERE 


Two more sneak peek:


Source: TVGuide

Patrick Jane's new Home!

Thanks to TVLine we can now have a closer look at Patrick Jane's new home. In episode 6x12, the last episode that aired before the hiatus, Jane said that he had found the perfect home: an Airstream. Jane's new home will debut on this Sunday's episode of The Mentalist, 6x13 "Black Helicopters".

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Mentalist 6x20 Title

The title of The Mentalist 6x20 is "Il Tavolo Bianco". The title is in Italian, and the literal translation would be "The White Table".

Thank you to @TA4TV for the title.

Spoiler Alert: The Mentalist 6x15 Press Release and first Promotional Photo

Click on Read More for The Mentalist 6x15 Press Release and first Promotional Photo.

Source: CBS

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Robin Tunney attends the GREY GOOSE Pre-Oscar Party

Robin Tunney (in this photo with Shiri Appleby) attended yesterday the GREY GOOSE Pre-Oscar Party at the Sunset Tower, West Hollywood, California.

You can see some photos in the Gallery HERE

Thanks to zimbio