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Robin Tunney at the CBS Showtime CW All-Star Party 2012

I uploaded to the Gallery the first photos of Robin Tunney at the CBS Showtime CW All-Star Party 2012 in Beverly Hills.

You can see them AT THIS LINK - keep on checking the Gallery, as I will add new photos as they come! ;)

Robin is looking absolutely amazing! What do you think?

Source: Newscom

**UPDATE: Video, thanks to @ohsheepdip - Robin is at oo:58 ;)

**UPDATE: I added to the Gallery some photos in High Quality!
And some untagged photos like these:


I just added to the Gallery 25 High Quality Photos, just click on the same link I gave you above ;)
Here's a preview:

Thanks to

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Mentalist's episodes OnLine!

The Mentalist's episodes, starting from the new Season, will also be available online on the CBS' website.

Thanks to @imsonotMelville for the news.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Robin Tunney at the CBS, CW Annual Summer Stars Party

Robin will be among the guests that will attend the Annual CBS - CW TCA Summer Stars Party, tomorrow July 29, 2012 at 6pm in Beverly Hills.

Source: CBS and SpoilerTv

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The Mentalist is back on set!

Nina Corrado - one of The Mentalist producers, just posted a photo on her twitter account. It's a page from The Mentalist's first episode of Season 5 Crew Call. To see it, click HERE 
And, spoiler alert, if you manage to read it! ;)

EDIT: Click on Read More for the transcription, thanks to The Red Blog (and I repeat, Spoiler Alert!)

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Happy Birthday Robin's Green Shades!

Happy Birthday Robin's Green Shades!
Today this blog turns 2 years old! :)
I'm so happy that a night of 2 years ago I decided to begin this adventure. This blog is for me like a cozy little warm place in which I find refuge from the everyday routine, dreaming about a wonderful woman...
What these two years brought to me it is still unbelievable... I got to know more Robin's fans, I got to find new friends, and I also had the honour to receive the most beautiful message from Robin herself... See it HERE 
I just hope I'll be able to keep the updates coming, I'd like to say forever, but let's just say for as long as possible!
Thank you to every single person who visits this website! :)


Friday, July 20, 2012

See Girl Run Review

I came across another review about See Girl Run, from - To read it, click on Read More.

The website also mentions See Girl Run in occasion of the screenings at The Indianapolis International Film Festival, giving the movie four stars, and adding the following comment: 
Emmie (Robin Tunney) never officially broke up with her high school boyfriend Jason (Adam Scott from Parks and Recreation). Her husband Graham (Josh Hamilton) is a fine man, but the spark is gone in the marriage, so Emmie heads for her small Maine hometown with visions of Jason dancing in her head. Writer-director Nate Meyer's film hits all the right notes without sacrificing its integrity. Don't let Adam Scott's presence mislead you; while there is humor in the movie, this is not a comedy. If you're in the mood for a nicely-written, well-acted study of life choices, See Girl Run satisfies.
Also today's the first of the three screenings of See Girl Run at Tallahassee Film Society. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

See Girl Run: This Week's Screenings

Here's the list of this week's screenings for See Girl Run:

* Friday July 20, 2012: Screening at the Tallahassee Film Society. Info HERE

* Saturday July 21, 2012: Screening at the Tallahassee Film Society, and at the Indianapolis International Film Festival. Info HERE and HERE

* Sunday July 22, 2012: Screening at the Tallahassee Film Society. Info HERE

For the lucky ones who will be able to attend these screenings, enjoy!

Spoiler Alert: Tv Guide Mega Buzz about The Mentalist

Click on Read More for the latest Tv Guide Mega Buzz about The Mentalist.

Source: TV Guide

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just a little something...

Just a little something I made today... I was feeling "creative"! ;)

The Mentalist 100th Episode

This year The Mentalist will celebrate its 100th episode! 
5x06 will be in fact episode number 100, and it will be written by Tom Szentgyorgyi and directed by Chris Long.

Thanks to Karl Sonnenberg for the info.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Larger version of a See Girl Run Still

A better quality version of a See Girl Run still. Aren't they adorable? ;)

(click on the image to enlarge it)


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Thursday, July 12, 2012

See Girl Run: Updates

I came across a couple of updates about "See Girl Run".
Firstly, I found a website about the promotion of the movie at the Florida Film Festival. If you're interested in reading how the movie's screenings were promoted, go to: See Girl Run Final Report

Moreover, I found another review, from : 

The Atlanta Film Festival screening of “See Girl Run” took place on Sunday evening, the indie dramady stars Robin Tunney as Emmie a 30something whose marriage has grown dull and decides to go to her hometown in order to seek out an old high school boyfriend (Adam Scott) whom she never officially broke up with. Director Nate Meyer was in house for the screening and before it started he thanks all the audience members before the screening for not staying at home in favor of the season premiere “Mad Men” and jokingly says he's tempted to leave for that himself. In short: I'm very happy I DVR'd “Mad Men”.Robin Tunney gives very good leading performance as Emmie: it's charming, genuine and dynamic. Adam Scott (who I enjoy weekly on “Parks and Recreation”) in an almost duel lead role also shines hear giving a very real and witty performance. Jeremy Strong, Josh Hamilton and William Sadler also give good supporting performances as definitive characters that also contribute to the storyline(s).The storytelling and script of Nate Meyer in combination with the cast creates a very entertaining and meaningful indie. The screenplay is very strong, realistic, funny and serious. The additional story lines also may be brief but the way that they are each their own and at the same time intertwine with the main plot is clever. The film also could fall into a category of indies that while good they still show us something we have seen before, but it goes in a direction made more evident by the third act that is unexpected and well orchestrated, thus taking the film to another level that I had not envisioned at all (in a good way) going into it.
3.5/4 stars
Lastly, an article/interview to See Girl Run Director Nate Meyer, by :

Girl meets boy. Girl falls in love with boy. Girl and boy go their separate ways. Girl wonders what could have been.
It’s the basic structure of many a romantic film, finding the one who got away.
But as Greensboro native and UNC School of the Arts graduate Nate Meyer will tell you, giving an old genre a new spin is one of the joys of filmmaking.
And that’s precisely what Meyer does in “See Girl Run,” a film he wrote and directed that will screen April 14-15 at the RiverRun International Film Festival in Winston-Salem.
The tale of revisiting lost love isn’t a clich├ęd romantic comedy, nor is it a bleak examination of relationship mistakes.
“It’s somewhat well-worn territory, but I think ('See Girl Run’) sheds new light on it and shows it in a different way rather than just letting a romantic scenario play out,” Meyer said.
In “See Girl Run,” Robin Tunney (of “The Mentalist”) plays Emmie, a woman in her mid-30s whose marriage is deteriorating. She wonders where she’d be if she had made different choices in her life, including if her relationship with her high school boyfriend Jason (Adam Scott of “Parks and Recreation”) had lasted. As the “what ifs” overwhelm her, she goes home to Maine to see him.
The film’s honest depiction of romance earned rave reviews at Austin’s South by Southwest in March. Meyer’s first film, “Pretty in the Face,” also debuted at the festival five years ago.
“It was a very gratifying way to kick off whatever life this movie is going to have,” Meyer said.
Like Emmie, Meyer is in his mid-30s, and he’s seen friends his age struggle with focusing on disappointments over blessings. But his passion for telling intimate stories such as “See Girl Run” dates back to his UNCSA days.
Meyer was born and raised in Greensboro and attended Grimsley High School before enrolling at UNCSA as part of the film program’s second graduating class.
At Grimsley, he shifted from wanting to pursue a career in front of the camera to a career behind it.
“I realized rather than being an actor, I wanted to be a creator,” Meyer said. “I wanted to start from scratch and make films that could be entertaining and at the same time have an impact.”
He describes UNCSA’s film program as an inspiring place to learn the craft, with the freedom and resources to “make films nonstop for four years.”
“We had a lot of talented people who didn’t necessarily know the rules but had a lot to say,” Meyer said. “The School of the Arts gave us the opportunity to just say.”
Meyer’s class boasted several other notable UNCSA graduates including David Gordon Green (“All the Real Girls,” “Pineapple Express”), who serves as executive producer of “See Girl Run.”
“He read it immediately and said 'You’ve got to make this movie,’” Meyer said. “He understands my voice. He was involved from the beginning, all the way through, and helped me turn it into something that was beyond just a script.”
Filming of “See Girl Run” took place in spring 2011 in Maine and Brooklyn, where Meyer now lives. He has completed two other scripts, though he said he isn’t sure which one he’ll film next.
But first, Meyer said he looks forward to sharing “See Girl Run” with his Triad roots.
“My family is still (in Greensboro),” Meyer said. “For them to be able to see the film in a theatrical experience is exciting.”

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The Mentalist Season 5 Premiere Date

CBS released the Premiere dates for 2012/2013. The Mentalist Season 5 Premiere will air Sunday September 30, 10pm

Source: CBS

See Girl Run Review from Indy Film Festival

I came across a review about "See Girl Run" published on the Indianapolis International Film Festival Website :

Review by Heike Baird.

“The second we got together, I instantly stopped caring about what other people thought. Because I had Jason, and he had me.”
Thus opens the heart of Emmie and the flood of her memories that shape See Girl Run. You’ll recognize familiar faces in this film (Parks and Recreation’s Adam Scott; William Sadler from, well, everything), and you’ll also recognize the familiar melancholy that plagues us, as adults, when we romanticize the past.What is it about the past that’s so attractive? To Emmie, a kennel owner in Maine, the attraction lies in her high school boyfriend, Jason. Nowadays, Emmie’s married. She’s not exactly happily married, but she’s not miserable, either. Her marriage to Graham is the relational equivalent of a bowl of cereal: functional and edible, but certainly not a ricotta-chocolate ├ęclair that she’s leaping out of bed to eat.For Emmie, Jason is the long-lost fling whom she thinks she’ll never really get over. His dorky drawings (always frogs) and romantic sensibilities (always idealist) made him special, and she’s still thinking about him years after they parted ways. See Girl Run follows Emmie as she travels back to her hometown in search of Jason, and whatever it was that made their time together unforgettable.The characters and their plights read more genuinely than those in most rom-coms. I’d partially attribute that to the supporting characters—specifically, Emmie’s brother Brandon and parents. The lion’s share of romantic comedies focuses exclusively on the hot-bodied protagonists; their families barely factor in to the inevitable marriage (or hook-up). I came to understand Emmie and what made her relationships succeed and fail by spending a fair amount of screen time with her family.The final impressions you’ll absorb from this film may depend on where you are in your lost-love journey. Do you think it’s too late, or do you love the one you’re with? Have you changed too much for your ex to understand you? (Or maybe you’re just happy. If that’s the case, rejoice in how much you don’t find Emmie relatable at any level.)
See Girl Run is a heartfelt reminder to never give up on love—and to run toward it if you ever do.

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"Runaway" Making Of- Screencaptures

I took some screencaptures of the 'Making Of' of Robin's movie "Runaway" (2005).
I uploaded them in the Gallery, at THIS LINK
I remind you that in the Gallery you can also find the movie's screencaptures, AT THIS LINK


The Mentalist 5x01 and 5x02 Title

Tim Kang has kindly shared on his twitter account the titles of the first two episodes of The Mentalist Season 5.

- 5x01 is called "The Red Glass Bead", and it is written by Bruno Heller and directed by Randall Zisk.
- 5x02 is called "Devil's Cherry", and it is written by Daniel Cerone.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Robin says Thank You!

I still have to realize myself if this is just a work of my imagination, or if it is real, so bear with me if this post will sound a little too much incoherent! ;)

I received yesterday an e-mail from Robin Tunney's personal assistant who very kindly passed along a message from Robin, in which she thanks all the fans involved in the Birthday Project Video that I shared here on Robin's Birthday day. ( I remind you the link of the Birthday Project, created by @Totorsg : LINK )
So here's the message, and enjoy it everyone!

** Before you ask me, yes this is all true. I made sure myself to verify it! ;) **

And just a few words from me. When I opened this website, I had no idea what this project would become. It was just a little blog at the beginning, but thanks to it I started to know a lot of Robin's fans. Some of them have become Friends. 
Robin, you really mean a lot to us, you mean a lot to me, not just for your Art but becuase of all the beautiful people I met thanks to you. 
You are an inspiration for all of us, and you have all our love and our support.
This website is my way to show my gratitude for everything that you represent, and I'll always do my best to keep it this way.

Thank you for your beautiful message Robin, it means the world to me and to all the fans!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Robin Tunney in Japan: new Interviews

The Japanese Channel SuperDrama TV published some new Interviews to Robin while she was in Japan to promote Season 3 of The Mentalist.
- I did some screencaptures of the videos, that you can find in the Gallery, HERE

Here's the Interviews to Robin:

And here a Cast Interview, and an Interview to Owain Yeoman in occasion of Season 2 of The Mentalist:

Huge Thank You to Chizuruchibi - The Red Blog for the videos.

Friday, July 6, 2012

New Screenings of See Girl Run at Tallahassee Film Society

New screenings of See Girl Run, in addition to the ones already posted for the Indianapolis International Film Festival.
See Girl Run will in fact be presented at the Tallahassee Film Society on the following dates:
- July 20 2012 - 06:00PM
- July 21 2012 - 05:00PM
- July 22 2012 - 05:00PM
at the All Saint Cinema.
Here's the dedicated page on the Tallahassee Film Society website: LINK
And here's the dedicated poster:
Thanks to See Girl Run Official Facebook for the heads up.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Mentalist Season 5 Filming

The Mentalist Season 5 filming will start July 25.

Thanks to Karl Sonnenberg for the heads up.

New Screenings for See Girl Run in July

New screenings for See Girl Run in July!
The Indianapolis International Film Festival will show screenings of the latest Robin Tunney's movie on the following dates:
- July 21, 8.30pm at The Toby.
- July 24, 5.15pm at The Toby.

For all the details, you can check