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Listen and download Robin Tunney's Press Conference at the Monte-Carlo Tv Festival: 


Transcription of Robin Tunney's Press Conference at the Monte-Carlo Tv Festival - June2013
Question about Lisbon's nemesis in Season 5, and if it helped her understand Jane's obsession with RJ.
RT: Something happens in Season 5 that I think opens her mind to the idea of revenge.
Read More: Transcription of Robin Tunney's Press Conference at the Monte-Carlo TV Festival - June 2013

Interview for Cosmopolitan - February 2016
Robin Tunney, star of such iconic '90s teen movies as Empire Records and The Craft, makes her stage debut this month in the off-Broadway production of Smokefall. She's great in it, by the way, and if you happen to find yourself in New York any time soon, you should definitely check it out. Enough about that though! sat down with Tunney at Smokefall's opening night after-party to talk about other things. Things like masturbation and whatever happened to Debra from Empire Records.

Interview about The Mentalist's Series Finale - February 2015 (contains spoilers)
TVLINE | So here we are, talking about The Mentalist‘s series finale…
ROBIN TUNNEY | I think you’re going to be our last Mentalist interview for all time.

Article / Interview for Northen Echo - March 2014
Is fame a blessing or a curse? Robin Tunney should know as one of the stars of The Mentalist, one of the most successful US dramas of recent years.

Interview for Tv Choice Magazine - December 2013
She's previously appeared in Prison Break and even the pilot episode of House. But 41-year-old Robin Tunney is best known as Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon in the hit US police procedural series The Mentalist. 

Interview for Le Figaro - October 2013
41 years old, Robin Tunney looks 10 years younger. A crystalline look, a sweet smile, Teresa Lisbon's performer is beaming.

Interview for El Pais Colombia - July 2013
Q: Do you have future projects that regard the cinema?
RT: Yes, there is a movie with Adam Scott that's complete and it's being released.

Interview for Télé Magazine - July 2013
Télé Magazine has asked the actress more about The Mentalist's future. Red John's identity, her relationship with Patrick Jane, the end of the series... the 41 years old actress answered every question.

Interview for the Monte-Carlo Tv Festival Magazine - June 2013
She has become popular to the fans with tv series like "Prison Break", and Robin Tunney is in Monte-Carlo, under the features of Teresa Lisbon, her character who is the boss, and the one who stands up to The Mentalist.
Read More: InterviewfortheMonte-CarloTVFestivalMagazine-June2013                                                                                                                                        

Interview for Critique Film - June 2013
Q: During the fifth Season of The Mentalist, Lisbon had to face a nemesis who is not dissimilar to Jane's Red John. Do you think this experience gave her the chance to understand Jane's obsession?

Interview for Ciné, Séries & Cie - June 2013
Q: Do you think The Mentalist belongs to a particular genre?
RT: A different genre, I think what makes it unique is that it'a a procedural but it has humor to it, the characters are well built.

Interview for Metro (Translation from French) - June 2013
Q:The Mentalist Season 5 will soon be broadcasted in France. What to expect?
RT: We're not just solving crimes. The characters are going to be more developed. Patrick Jane's personality is going to be darker.

Interview for LaSegunda - May 2013
June 9 Warner Channel will premiere in Chile The Mentalist Season 5, a series that has kept the audience's attention high since its beginning in 2008.

Interview for TVGuide - May 2013 chatted with series star Robin Tunney to get her reaction to the big reveal and to find out how Lisbon and Jane will investigate.

Interview for - May 2013
Actress Robin Tunney of Warner Channel's "The Mentalist" chatted with MAGAZINE about the fifth season. (Thank you to Chibi for the translation from Spanish).

Interview for - April 2013
Exclusive: ‘The Mentalist’ Star Robin Tunney Gives Us the Scoop On Her New Indie Flick
The seasoned actress dished on her new indie flick, ‘See Girl Run’, her recent engagement, and what she’ll be up to next.

Interview for the Irish Magazine RTE' Guide - February 2013
Since its successful debut in 2008, The Mentalist has taken the police procedural to new heights and Irish-American actor Robin Tunney, who plays Bureau of Investigation agent Teresa Lisbon, is surely one of the main reasons for that. 

Article - Australian Issue of 'Grazia' - November 2012
High in the LA Hills, the charmingly retro home of The Mentalist's Robin Tunney coaxes the outside in. 
And it's thanks to her relaxed approach to timing...

Interview for - November 2012
"The Mentalist's" 100th episode has aired and the team that makes the popular Simon Baker drama has made it clear that this season, they're going to get closer to solving the central mystery of Red John.

Interview for - September 2012
"The Mentalist" will be kicking off its fifth season with new episodes Sunday, Sept. 30 at 10:00 p.m., but that's not all that's new.

Interview for the French Magazine Télé 7 Jours - September 2012
Accused of murder and imprisoned, Patrick Jane, The Mentalist, has paid a bail of 1 million dollar. He's back working for the CBI and at the same time he managed to bring back Teresa Lisbon, who had been suspended.

Interview for the French Magazine "TéléZ" - September 2012
The Mentalist, the successful tv series that's airing on TF1 is on tv from August 28 with the new Season 4. It's the right opportunity for Robin Tunney to share her thoughts, with humor, about her character Teresa Lisbon, a role she plays since 5 years.

Interview for the French "Le Parisien" - September 2012
Robin Tunney plays the role of Teresa Lisbon, Patrick Jane's boss since four years. 
She's currently busy shooting Season 5 in Los Angeles, and she took some time to answer our questions on the phone.

Interview for the French Magazine "Le Figaro" - August 2012
Q: Robin Tunney, at the beginning of Season 4, your character had been suspended from the CBI: is that a shock for her?
Robin Tunney: Yes, and no.

Japanese Press Preview Interview for The Mentalist - May 2012
Thank you so much for watching the show. I love Japan, I'm so happy that the show is popular here, so I can come. And I'm very sorry I couldn't bring Simon Baker with me, for the ladies...

Japanese Interview for - May 2012 (thanks to Chibi and mako_ike for the translation from Japanese to English)
- Please tell me about Teresa Lisbon. 
Teresa Lisbon lost her mother when she was young. Then she lived with her brothers. 
So, she is used to be around boys.

Irish Independent Interview - March 2012 
In the roll-call of Irish-American screen-stars, Robin Tunney always seems to get overlooked. Which is strange, because the Chicago native has spent the past two decades making major movies, earning critical plaudits and starring in some of the biggest TV shows.
Read More Here: Irish Independent Interview- March 2012

Health Interview - November 2011 
"I love my home! It's a huge part of who I am".
Read More Here: Health Interview - November 2011 Interview - October 2011
When Simon Baker inked a new $30 million deal to continue his starring role on The Mentalist, his female co-star was quick to hit him where it hurts.
Read More Here: Interview - October 2011

 Sunday Herald Sun Interview - October 2011
There are few women in the world who wouldn't want to kiss Australian actor Simon Baker. But his co-star Robin Tunney is one of them.
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The Sydeney Morning Herald Interview - October 2011
The Mentalist's Robin Tunney has worked hard to develop her role.
Read More Here: The Sydney Morning Herald Interview- October 2011

Télé Poche Interview - September 2011
Robin Tunney's five most important moments in her life:
From a professional point of view, the Volpi Cup I won in Venice for Niagara, Niagara.
Read More Here: Interview for Télé Poche - September 2011

Télé Star Interview - September 2011
During the third season the big difference is that Jane and Lisbon become closer.
Read More Here: Interview for Télé Star - September 2011

Deamon's Tv Interview - September 2011
If you love The Mentalist, then you are in for a treat.
Daemon’s TV recently had the immense honor to chat with the extremely talented and just plain awesome Robin Tunney who plays Teresa Lisbon in the CBS’ hit series The Mentalist.
Read More Here: Daemon's Tv Interview about The Mentalist (September 2011)

Men's Book Chicago Interview - August 2011
You can’t get much more Chicago than actress Robin Tunney. The South Side native and star of CBS’ hit The Mentalist spent the first 18 years of her life here before heading west to make a name for herself in movies like The Craft and Empire Records. Beyond that, though, Tunney’s family has its imprint all over town.
Read More Here: Men's Book Chicago Interview- August 2011

Italian Article '' - Traslation - August 2011
There are just a few actresses who are able to strike us with performances that are worth awards and nominations.
Read More Here: Italian Article from '' Translation- August 2011

Télé Loisirs Interview - December 2010
Exclusive chat with the actress who play the role of Teresa Lisbon, who receives us at the series' set in Burbank, in the suburbs of Los Angeles.
Read More Here: Télé Loisirs Interview- December 2010

 French Tv Mag Interview - October 2010
Fifty episodes of The Mentalist and she's not tired. Robin Tunney, Teresa Lisbon on the series that airs on TF1, talks with us. With a typical Irish humor, she talks about her charcater, Simon Baker, the contingencies of living in Los Angeles, her desires, projects and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Read More Here: French TV Mag Interview- October 2010

Chicago Tribune Interview - September 2010
Robin Tunney started modeling when she was less than a year old and had been in 45 commercials by the time she was 11, which made her one of the hardest-working elementary schoolers I have ever known.
Read More Here: Chicago Tribune Interview- September 2010

French Tv Mag Article/ Interview - September 2010
Concentrated, Robin Tunney, Owain Yeoman and Tim Kang are waiting to shoot the next scene. The light that comes from the windows is artificial, because everything is shot inside the Warner Bros studios in Los Angeles.
Read More Here: French TV Mag Interview/Article- September 2010

In Style Magazine Interview - July 2010
When she was first starting out, the 38-year-old actress never wanted to get stuck in one job for too long. After finishing a movie project, she'd take off for a trip to somewhere far away, like Egypt. "I had this idea that I didn't want to know where I was going to be every day", Robin Tunney recalls. "I wanted adventure".
Read More Here: In Style Interview- July 2010

Allure Magazine Article - January 2010
Not everyone is so at ease showing off what they've got. Robin Tunney of "The Mentalist" tends to be fairly buttoned-up onscreen and off.
Read More Here: Allure Magazine Article- January 2010

Sunday News Interview - 2009
Having married a Kiwi and spent nine months here filming Vertical Limit, Robin Tunney knows New Zealand pretty well.
Read More Here: Sunday News Interview- 2009

Advocate Interview - 2009
If you were a teenager in the '90s, it wasn't vampires you were obsessed with but witches. And your obsession was due to the movie The Craft and its star Robin Tunney.
Read More Here: Advocate Interview- 2009

LA Times Interview - 2009
You can fight crime with blond extensions. There's this hedged reality on television where women are wearing Manolos and kicking down doors? It doesn't suit the character, but it suits the ego of the actor. And I think we've done really well with trying to keep it real. Jeans and flat boots!
Read More Here: LA Times Interview- 2009

Women Health Interview - 2009
She was raised on the South Side of Chicago by a bartender mom and a car salesman dad, so it's not all that surprising that Robin Tunney is the scrappy type.
Read More Here: Women Health Interview- 2009

 People Interview - 2008
How did it feel to see your ratings?
I was up at 6 o'clock [the morning after the premiere] looking at them, texting [costar] Simon Baker.
Read More Here: People Interview- 2008

Bullz-Eye Interview - 2008
Robin Tunney has been acting since she was a teenager, but it wasn’t until she found her way into the teen-movie circuit that she really started to make an impression on the masses.
Read More Here: Bullz-Eye Interview- 2008

Article Interview for the magazine "New York Moves" - 2006
Hollywood stars are often accused of being superficial and vain. Meet the beautiful, intelligent, and talented Ms. Tunney, who single-hand-edly balances the scales.
Read More Here: Article/Interview for the magazine "New York Moves" - 2006

Interview for the Magazine Venice - 2006 (Esclusive of Robin's Green Shades)
Actress Robin Tunney is straightforward when she confesses that for years she was known as "the girl from 'The Craft'", the 1996 film about four teenage witches who wreak havoc on their high school and ultimately each other. Since then memorable roles in independent films such as 'Niagara, Niagara', 'Julian Po', and 'Cherish' have followed.
Read More Here: Interview for the Magazine Venice - 2006 Exclusive of Robin's Green Shades

"Open Window" Movie Article / Interview: Role Challenged Tunney - 2006
Robin Tunney sits in the corner of an empty coffee house and smiles
about the fact that her TV series "Prison Break" has made her recognizable everywhere she goes. "It's not something I pursued, doing TV. I've been broke in my career, and that's okay. I love doing indie films."
Read More Here: Open Window Article/Interview: Role challenged Tunney- 2006

Chicago Tribune Interview - 2005
For actress Robin Tunney, coming home to Chicago to film "Prison Break" brings mixed emotions.
Read More Here: Chicago Tribune Interview- 2005

Interview about the movie "Paparazzi" - 2004
Both Cole Hauser and Robin Tunney are on the brink of stardom. It's a pretty interesting paradox that their latest film, Paparazzi, a revenge story about a star who decides to punish tabloid journalists who've taken things too far, could make these two more recognizable faces.
Read More Here: Interview about "Paparazzi"- 2004

Interview about the movie "The In-Laws" - 2003 (Thanks to Van)
Of course they've all seen The Craft numerous times and they all want to talk about it. I think they're a little disappointed that I'm not that funky. I was bald and pierced in Empire Records [released in 1995] so I think I'm wildly boring to them.
Read More Here: Interview about "The In-Laws"- 2003 

Interview for the magazine "Details" - 2002
About A Girl
With a role as a woman under house arrest, Robin Tunney is finally ready to break out.
Robin Tunney likes playing against type, even when the camera isn't running. "I don't have fits", she says, dismissing the clichéd, give-me-a-bigger-trailer-or-give-me-death ultimatums employed by other Hollywood ingenues.
Read More Here: Interview for the magazine "Details" - 2002

Fotograms Magazine Interview - 2001 (Thanks to Alejandra and Chibi)
It gives the impression that Chris O'Donell (30) and Robin Tunney (28) want to confirm the impression we have of them when we see them onscreen: on the one side, the healthy boy, polite and mannered that's uncapable of looking straight in the eye; on the other, the indie movies forged actress that takes with easiness and an irreverent sense of humor her new role of Hollywood star.
Read More Here: Fotogramas Magazine Interview- 2001

Chicago Tribune Interview - 1998
Robin Tunney was like every young girl in America who imagined herself on stage, in front of a crowd, knowing intuitively she was meant to be seen and heard. She saw the film adaptation of "Grease" 16 times as an impressionable 6-year-old and knew instantly that was the world she longed for.
Read More Here: Chicago Tribune Interview (1998)

Indiewire Interview - 1998
A young guy meets a young girl, and they hit the road. Two outsiders in love escape the tedium of their lives and end up discovering intimacy, petty crime, and adventure as they race dead-on towards the inevitable tragedy that awaits them.
Read More Here: Indiewire Interview- 1998

Article/Interview about "Niagara, Niagara" - 1998 (Thanks to Chibi)
"Don't you hate most actresseswhen you read their quotes in interviews?" asks Robin Tunney, who is an actress, sitting in a New York bar, giving an interview. 
Read More Here: Article/ Interview about Niagara Niagara (1998) 

Italian Interview about "Niagara, Niagara", Translation - 1997
Venice. "The first one to be shocked about the award was my stomach: when I found out I was the best actress, it started to jolt" says Robin Tunney, best actress in Venice.
Read More Here: Translation of Italian Interview/Article about Niagara Niagara (1997)

Interview for Vogue Italia - November 1996 
Witch's eyes. Big, emerald green, charming. 
They are Robin Tunney's eyes, the new American star with a passionate look, a look emphasized by the sweetness of her teen-aged face, pure, sprinkled by golden freckles.

Talent Develop Interview - 1996 (thanks to Chibi)
"What attracted me to do THE CRAFT was they wanted me to do it," Tunney notes, "and it was a lead girl, and nobody's ever thought of me as that. I'm usually 'the strange best friend,' or 'the really troubled one.'
Read More Here: Talent Develop Interview- 1996