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Daily Actor Interview with Robin Tunney and Nate Meyer

Daily Actor released a very interesting Interview to Robin Tunney and Nate Meyer. The Interview was done during the SXSW Festival.
To read it, click on Read More.

You can also listen to the interview, and download it in mp3 from the Daily Actor page: LINK - The links are on top of the page.


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BTS Photo from The Mentalist 4x22

BTS photo of Robin with actor Brett Rice on set of the episode 4x22:

Source: @People_Store

New The Mentalist Tonight!

After a two weeks hiatus, a new episode of The Mentalist tonight! 4x19 "Pink Champagne on Ice" airs at 10pm on CBS. Don't miss it!

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"See Girl Run" Screening at the Atlanta Film Festival Today

Today is the screening's day of "See Girl Run" at the Atlanta Film Festival.

Also, I put here the other Festivals Screenings scheduled:

- Florida Film Festival, screenings on April 14 and 18,
- Riverrun International Film Festival, screenings on April 14 and 15,
- Sarasota Film Festival, screenings on April 19 and 22,
- The Independent Film Festival Boston, from April 25 to May 2.

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The Mentalist 4x19 Promo

I'm really sorry for the very bad quality of it, but this was the only way I managed. Sorry again!
At least this shouldn't be blocked in some countries. 
A good quality of it can be seen on CBS website, but it is blocked outside US.

Comment / Mention about "See Girl Run"

Comment / Mention about "See Girl Run" from the website

See Girl Run (Nate Meyer, 89m) — As with Nature Calls, close proximity makes it difficult to write too much about Meyer’s follow-up to Pretty In The Face, but I do stand behind my belief that what Meyer is doing with seemingly conventional storytelling is in fact quietly revolutionary. Take See Girl Run, for instance. How many films have we seen in which a confused and unsure husband bails out on his wife and family to embark on a selfish personal excursion? Pretty much all of them. But here, Meyer makes that confused married person be… a female? With that seemingly easy enough decision, the sub-genre is wholly transformed. More importantly, by making a film that favors fidelity over infidelity, Meyer takes an even bolder stance. If only the multiplex showed films like See Girl Run, the world would be a much healthier place.

Thanks to See Girl Run Official Facebook for the heads up.

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Robin Tunney in "Cherish"

This post is entirely dedicated to Robin in the movie "Cherish" (2002). I made screencaptures, a fanvideo, and a wallpaper. Hope you'll enjoy everything!

So, the screencaptures can be found in the Gallery, at THIS Link

Here's also a wallpaper (click on the image to enlarge it):

And the fanvideo I did:

Spoiler Alert: First Casting News for The Mentalist Season 5

Click on Read More for the first Casting News for The Mentalist Season 5. 
Attention, it's a pretty important spoiler, so think carefully before clicking... ;)

Source: SpoilerTV 

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See Girl Run at The Independent Film Festival Boston

"See Girl Run" is among The Independent Film Festival Boston lineup. 
The Festival is from April 25 to May 2.
Here's also the lineup from the Film Festival Boston website: LINK


New (Old) The Mentalist Photoshoot Photo

From The Mentalist Official Facebook Account a new (old) photoshoot photo: 

Spoiler Alert: The Mentalist Season Finale Synopsis

CBS released the Season Finale dates for 2011-2012 Season.
The Mentalist Season Finale will be Thursday May 17, 10 pm.
Click on Read More the episode's synopsis. (Huge Spoiler Alert, of course!! ;) )

Source: CBS

Interview to Robin Tunney and Nate Meyer at SXSW Festival

Source: FandangoMovies
Thanks to Van for the heads up

UPDATE: Screencaptures in the Gallery: LINK

"See Girl Run" Screenings at Florida Film Festival

Florida Film Festival website published the screenings' dates for "See Girl Run":
- Saturday April 14, and Wednesday April 18.

For all the info, check the Florida Film Festival dedicated page 

On set of The Mentalist 4x22

Here's a small photo of Robin and Simon shooting The Mentalist episode 4x22, at Ports 0' Call Village in San Pedro:

Thanks to: @indaeo 

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The Tuesday Trailer: "Cherish" (2002)

For this week's The Tuesday Trailer, I chose "Cherish" (2002). 

IMDB Page: Link

Thanks to: depplover63 

Missing parts of Irish Independent Interview

There were some missing parts on the Irish Independent Interview I previously posted, as reported by the Interview Author @McManusDarragh
He very kindly sent me the missing parts, and gave me the permission to publish them, so click on Read More to read them.

Big Thank You to Darragh McManus, please visit his website and his Twitter 

Interview: Irish Independent interview to Robin Tunney

Irish Independent published a really interesting Interview to Robin by @McManusDarragh, in which she talks about her Irish origins, her family and her job.
To read it, click on Read More. The PDF file has been added to the Interviews Section.


Robin Tunney at the "Incognito 2012"- Santa Monica Museum of Art

Robin attended the "Incognito 2012" at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, which offered 697 artworks all donated by emerging, mid-career and internationally acclaimed artists to raise moneyfor SMMoA’s exhibition and education programs.
Simon Baker also attended the event.

An image has been added to the Gallery, LINK

Source: societynewsla
Thanks Van for the heads up

"See Girl Run" at the Sarasota Film Festival

"See Girl Run" will be also at the Sarasota Film Festival, with screenings on April 19 and April 22.

Source: sarasota.festivalgenius
Thanks See Girl Run Official Facebook for the heads up

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Robin Tunney Interview by Young Hollywood

Robin was interviewed by Young Hollywood when she was in Austin for "See Girl Run".
Here's the video of the interview: 

Source: younghollywood
Thanks to Chibi for the heads up 

UPDATE: Screencaps in the Gallery- Link 

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"See Girl Run" Review by Film Threat

"See Girl Run" reviews keep on coming! This time, one from

In his collection of essays entitled “Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs,” Chuck Klosterman astutely observes that “dynamic, nonretarded Americans… all seem to share a single unifying characteristic: the inability to experience the kind of mind-blowing, transcendent romantic relationship they perceive to be a normal part of living.” For this, he chooses to blame John Cusack. (For the sake of argument, John Cusack is interchangeable with his character in “Say Anything”.)
John Cusack is not a fairy tale prince. He’s just a really nice guy. That’s why it may seem perfectly reasonable to want to “hold out” for a John Cusack of your own. But in actuality, John Cusack is a completely unattainable romantic ideal, which has made every “dynamic, nonretarded American” believe that if they don’t have a boom box serenade, they don’t have anything. Nate Meyer puts Klosterman’s idea into practice with his carefully crafted film, “See Girl Run”, by using the mold of a Hollywood romance to show how damaging these notions are when taken too seriously.
Robin Tunney plays, Emmie, a self-employed thirty-something who is experiencing a downswing in her marriage. Thanks to ongoing correspondence with her high school sweetheart, she allows herself to get swept up in the idea that she’s been missing out on her Happily Ever After. Unbeknownst to her husband (Josh Hamilton), she auditions for a reality show about reuniting lost loves, naming Jason (Adam Scott) as the one who got away. When the casting director dismisses her application on a technicality, Emmie decides to take the reunion into her own hands, and heads back to her small coastal hometown in Maine to pursue what might have been.
Meanwhile, Jason has been slumming it at a lobster restaurant, while he obstinately chases his pie-in-the-sky dreams of becoming a professional illustrator and reuniting with Emmie. He’s stalled his life for years, never fully committing to anything or anyone. He’s the personification of the undisturbed childhood bedroom. Adam Scott’s effortless charm invokes empathy toward a delusional character that might have otherwise been insufferable.
Jason and Emmie share a consuming sentimentality and a confidant in Emmie’s brother, Brandon. Meyer tells the story through the perspective of the would-be lovebirds, letting the detriment of what they’re doing speak for itself. At first, Brandon lets Jason and Emmie’s juvenile shenanigans distract him from his own issues of depression, alcoholism and a freshly botched marriage. But, as Emmie continues to put off seeing Jason, literally hiding from him on several occasions, Brandon must be the voice of reason for these two foolish saps. Emmie and Jason have cast themselves in a formulaic romance. If this were a Hollywood film, we would be expected to root for them. But Meyer’s refreshing script reflects the reality of their actions in the peripheral characters.
There is a reason people say, “marriage is work.” It’s because once the initial luster wears off, you’re left with two flawed people who have entered into a partnership. Sometimes, you love your work and sometimes it’s a pain in the ass. But it’s never going to be perfect because there’s no such thing. John Cusack is the disease. Just maybe, “See Girl Run” is the antidote.


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Short Comment about "See Girl Run"

I came across this short comment about " See Girl Run" on 

SEE GIRL RUN (Casting by, Jessica Kelly) What a sweet film. 
I think Adam Scott is so undervalued as an actor and Josh Hamilton needs to become the star that he should become. Robin Tunney does not disappoint as a woman who is going through an early mid-life crisis.

Also, just a reminder, the next screening of "See Girl Run" will be at the Atlanta Film Festival, on March 25, 2012.
More info on the Atlanta Film Festival dedicated page

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Another See Girl Run Review

Another review of "See Girl Run" by

Though they seem to enjoy a comfortable existence in Brooklyn, the romance in Emmie (Robin Tunney) and Graham’s (Josh Hamilton) marriage has evaporated into the ether. The spark is gone. Their sex life is non-existent. They fight constantly. So when Emmie is approached by a recruiter for a reality television that reconnects estranged high school couples, she jumps at the opportunity; but when the recruiter discovers that Emmie has had contact with her high school sweetheart, Jason (Adam Scott), they are promptly disqualified. (Oh and it turns out that Emmie and Jason never officially broke up.)
So Emmie takes matters into her own hands… She runs away from Graham and returns to her quaint hometown in Maine where Jason still lives. Not wanting to rush into things, Emmie plans to hide out with her brother Brandon (Jeremy Strong) until she can muster up enough courage to confront Jason. Unfortunately, Brandon is a recovering alcoholic and is living under the watchful eyes of their parents; so Emmie is forced to reluctantly return to her childhood home and stay in her old bedroom. Emmie’s family immediately realizes why she has returned home and they try to talk some sense into her; but being at home also fans the flames of emotion that she once felt (and maybe still feels) for Jason.
You probably think that you have already seen the plot of writer-director Nate Meyer’s See Girl Run played out countless times before; but Meyer respectfully approaches this quirky indie rom-com as a serious romantic drama. Most importantly, Meyer removes all of those annoying clich├ęs that have somehow become inseparable from the rom-com genre. See Girl Run does not abide by the expectations that pop culture has perpetuated. For example, no indie pop ballads — or any songs with lyrics — were used (or abused) during the post-production of this film; instead Meyer relies solely upon his script and actors to convey the emotions of his story. Like a tedious restoration of a genre that has decomposed into an unrecognizable state, Meyer utilizes tremendous directorial restraint in order to reconstruct romantic [and independent] films to their original state…you know, back when writing and acting mattered more than snarky jokes, quirky directorial flourishes and a “next big thing” soundtrack. This is not to say that Meyer’s script is not purposeful. Despite its natural dialogue and realistic situations, See Girl Run is a carefully manicured and extremely calculated piece of cinema — but that is not such a bad thing.


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Just for fun, a See Girl Run Poster, and other reviews

I did a "See Girl Run" poster, just for fun, waiting for the Official one. Of course it is written on the image that it is made by a fan ;)
I hope you like it!

Also, there's another review about the film:

See Girl Run, written and directed by Nate Meyer, is an interesting approach to the not-so-original idea of a mid-life rut.  Emmie (Robin Tunney) is looking for a little excitement in her life, which seems to be in the form of her ex-boyfriend.  This is evident by a dinner meeting she has with a casting agent for a reality show that matches up high school sweethearts; yet, Emmie is a married woman.  She comes home from the meeting to her husband and dog, quickly slipping her wedding ring back on to her finger.  Emmie and Graham (Josh Hamilton) have been married for several years and it seems rather unhappily.  She begins to reminisce about her ex, Jason (Adam Scott), and the big question of “What if?”  A gigantic floral arrangement sent to her office by Jason convinces her she needs to see Jason; so Emmie leaves behind her dog walking and grooming business, as well as her husband, and hits the road to her hometown in Maine.
Jason has spent his post-high school years pining for Emmie, waiting tables at a lobster restaurant, and attempting to pursue a career as an artist.  His specialty is frogs (highly reminiscent of the kind from the beloved children’s book by Arnold Lobel, Frog and Toad are Friends).  Jason’s on-again, off-again relationship with Becky (Aubrey Dollar) is clearly going nowhere, and he’s still dependent upon his father for rent money.
Emmie returns to her childhood home to find that her brother Brandon (Jeremy Strong) is inexplicably depressed and her father (William Sadler) and mother seem to fight quite a bit.  It isn’t exactly the best environment to rekindle a romance, and Emmie must decide whether or not she is going to be drawn to her old flame.  Meyer spends a great deal of time building up to the meeting between Emmie and Jason, giving the journey a raw emotional feel not addressed in typical Hollywood films of this nature.  As the viewer, you aren’t sure if you should root for the romantic Jason or feel creeped out by his consistent presence in Emmie’s life.  It’s a decision she herself must make.

Thanks to Van for the heads up

And a mention about the film:

I stayed at the Alamo for See Girl Run, the story of a thirtysomething having doubts about her path in life and going back to her hometown where her high school sweetheart still pines for her. I really enjoyed it, it was a lovely bittersweet film, a nice antidote to Crazy Eyes and had some lovely performances from Robin Tunney and Adam Scott. The director was in Q&A and he and his wife had moved to Maine to get our of New York and it was nice to see a director embracing small town life and a rep cast this way.

Thanks to Van

Robin Tunney on what makes South By Southwest special

Robin about what changed in Sundance Film Festival over the years:

It’s no secret that the Sundance Film Festival has become a bit more mainstream over the past few years. When it comes to the defining moment when celebrities seemed to realize that the festival was more about promotion than it was filmmaking seems to universally be the year that one company was handing out free washing machines. It seems as though celebrities and filmmakers are flocking to South by Southwest in Austin so much because it is a less commercialized alternative to Sundance.
IFC caught up with “See Girl Run” actress Robin Tunney during SXSW, and she admitted that she’s seen a definite change in Sundance over the many years she has attended it.
“I’ve been going to Sundance for so many years, like 15 years, and I think it’s more like what that was when it started before like Paris Hilton came down on it and started getting free washing machines,” she said, going back to the fan-favorite Sundance anecdote. “I was offered a free washing machine at Sundance! They’re like, ‘Will you sit on a washing machine to get a free washing machine?’”
And that’s not the only instance of weird freebies Tunney has had to deal with. “I think there was one time that someone asked me to pose with their cookie and they said they’d give me a cookie,” she said. “You end up with this enormous garbage bag filled with like underpants, like really bizarre promotional things, and there’s really horrible pictures of you on the internet wearing free sunglasses in 1996.”
Bottom line? Sundance has changed, while SXSW is still hitting its stride.
“[Sundance has] become about promotion, and here it just seems like it’s about the movies and it’s not so overrun,” Tunney admitted.


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The Mentalist Renewed!

The Mentalist is officialy renewed for the 2012-13 Tv Season!

Thanks Miah for the heads up

"See Girl Run" Review by

Another review of "See Girl Run", by

One of the pleasures of seeing a lot of films is that you learn how differently two writers can approach the same material. For anyone who saw Diablo Cody's Young Adult, the much smaller See Girl Run will have a familiar one-sentence pitch: "A woman unhappy with her boring life decides maybe going home and rediscovering her high school boyfriend is the answer." But See Girl Run, written and directed by Nate Meyer, has a different emphasis and a totally different tone, despite sharing the basic notion that this is kind of a sad thing to do, more than a whimsical one.
Here, the woman is Emmie (Robin Tunney), who is in a stagnating marriage to Graham (Josh Hamilton).
[Screenwriters, take note: An early scene in which Emmie and Graham don't have sex is very short, very simple, and communicates with great economy how much, and how, they are broken as a couple.]
What Graham doesn't know is that Emmie's high-school boyfriend Jason (Adam Scott) has been in touch with her a lot since they drifted off to different futures, and that the two have shared what they both call a "What if?" feeling that's never really gone away. He doesn't have a particularly bang-up life, either: he's a struggling artist who works at a lobster joint and still has to borrow money from his father to get by. He's in a dragging-on, going-nowhere relationship with a young woman from work, but he still thinks of Emmie. And when they discover that their musings about each other are mutual, she heads to her Maine hometown without telling her husband.
It's hard for a film like this to get good support at a festival, I think, because it's not as relentlessly bleak and doesn't feel as daring and different to some people as the more high-concept experimental art pieces. But what's lovely about See Girl Run is that it's a twist on the genre of the lost-love romance, and tweaking a genre can be just as challenging as going completely into undiscovered territory.
Very often, in romantic stories, love solves a bunch of problems all at once: you get a better job, an improved relationship with your family, your self-image changes, and if you had a previously existing relationship, you're much better off without it. Here, Emmie and Jason aren't reaching out to each other merely out of affection, but also out of unhappiness, and the film is straightforward about that. It always takes seriously both the depth of their feelings and how fraught it is to seek out another person at a time when you feel like you need rescue. It's also straightforward about the fact that if they rediscover this relationship, it's not going to solve all their problems, and it's going to create new ones.
The supporting cast is excellent, particularly Jeremy Strong as Emmie's troubled brother and William Sadler as her father. Sadler gives, at one point, a lovely speech about the nature of love and marriage that starts off a little inscrutable, but as the analogy develops, it makes more and more sense. Hamilton's role as the husband left behind is small but crucial.
During Meyer's Q&A, he talked about the fact that these characters come off very differently to different people: some find Jason heroic, some find him pathetic. They undoubtedly see Emmie the same way. He also defended the film as fundamentally embracing a romantic ideal, despite the fact that all the relationships in it are troubled.
There's a certain way that American independent film tends to see romance, just much as there's a certain way American commercial film tends to see it. There are times when it seems like commercial film believes too much in happy endings, but independent film believes too much in horrible ones. See Girl Run sort of wiggles into the middle, avoiding both the romantic idealism of what major studios release and the romantic nihilism of a thousand dysfunctional love-you-hate-you handheld documents of codependency.

Thank you to Van for the heads up

Spoiler Alert: Adams TV Teasers- The Mentalist

Click on Read More for some info about episode 4x22 of The Mentalist.

Source: SpoilerTV

A fragment of "See Girl Run" Q&A at SXSW Premiere

It was asked to Robin about her thoughts of such a drastic change from the typical comedy where the man cheats on the woman and starts to wander and wonder "what if". 
Robin loved the script when she received it and thought this could be fun to turn this around and approach it from the woman's point of view.

Thank you to PK81 from for the heads up.

"See Girl Run" Review by

Another review for "See Girl Run", by

One movie worth remembering from this year’s mix: See Girl Run, which had its world premiere in Austin on Sunday afternoon – a generous-spirited romantic dramedy, directed and written by Nate Meyer and starring Robin Tunney, from TV’s The Mentalist. The movie follows a woman (Tunney) frustrated in her marriage, who takes off to her small Maine hometown with the thought of possibly rekindling things with her ex-boyfriend (the wonderful Adam Scott).
The rudderless thirtysomething has been a common figure in recent movies, especially at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Fortunately, See Girl Run takes the familiar material and invests it with heart and appealingly low-key humor. Meyer’s script doesn’t call attention to itself, almost to a fault – the movie is so modest it might easily be overlooked. But here’s hoping it finds a following; it was one of the most consistently enjoyable movies I saw at this year’s festival.

Thanks @SGR_movie for the heads up

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Spoiler Alert: The Mentalist 4x20 Press Release

Click on Read More for The Mentalist 4x20 Press Release.

Source: CBS

"See Girl Run" Review by The Hollywood Reporter

Review of  "See Girl Run" by The Hollywood Reporter:

Nate Meyer's "See Girl Run" stars Robin Tunney as a woman torn between her husband (Josh Hamilton) and high-school beau (Adam Scott).

AUSTIN - A sensitive, no-cop-outs film about relationships and moments of truth both genuine and manufactured, Nate Meyer's See Girl Run should earn much more attention than the director's debut, Pretty in the Face (itself a SXSW alum). The presence of Parks and Rec charmer Adam Scott increases commercial appeal, though marketers will have to keep audiences from assuming the gently introspective Girl is a comedy.
Scott plays Jason, the high-school boyfriend inspiring escape fantasies for Emmie (Robin Tunney), whose marriage to Graham (Josh Hamilton) has grown stale. Emmie and Jason never officially broke up when she left for college, and Emmie's current ennui has led her to obsess about what she expected from marriage and what might have happened if she'd stayed with Jason. One day she packs a bag and (leaving no note for Graham) goes home to small-town Maine, intending to reconnect with her troubled brother Brandon (Jeremy Strong) while mustering the nerve to see if there's life left in her first love.
While Emmie gives voice to the concerns of 30- and 40-somethings in the audience, frustrated with the failure of actual long-term relationships to live up to pop culture-derived expectations -- her disappointment echoed nicely by the film's perpetually overcast coastal skies -- Jason still hasn't had to face these realities. Scott squeezes as much emotional sophistication as will fit into a character whose continued romanticism is almost childish, especially when paired with artistic ambitions focused largely on dorkily cute paintings of frogs.
Meyer's script isn't humorless, but it rarely offers a laugh that isn't tied to some poignant expression of compromise or disappointment. Though the story seems pointed toward a follow-your-bliss reunion, Meyer doesn't make it easy for Emmie (or us) to dismiss the commitments she's made; in a nice scene, Emmie's father (William Sadler, getting an unexpected opportunity to be the voice of emotional wisdom) uses a military metaphor to argue that flexibility and steadfastness aren't incompatible.
See Girl Run is a bit thin compared to an ensemble film like Beautiful Girls, which explored similar themes in another setting heavy on local color. But it works well given its scale, leaving viewers moved but not manipulated -- and taking pains not to construct another fantasy about love that will endanger viewers' ability to navigate the actual relationships life brings them.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Comment about "See Girl Run" from Indiewire

Comment about "See Girl Run" from :

Like Grown Ups, this a story about a 35 year old dog groomer who flirts with infidelity when she develops an overwhelming longing for her high school sweetheart.   Her high school sweetheart is a dream of a boyfriend. He's an artist who loves to paint frogs, but hasn't figured out how to make a living doing so and ends up living off of his father's generosity and a job waiting tables at a lobster restaurant in Portland, Maine. It's a story about what waits for you on the other side of "Happily Ever After" and what happens when grownups let their dreams die. Great ensemble cast and subplots that don't take away from the core story.

See Girl Run at the Riverrun International Film Festival

"See Girl Run" will be presented at the Riverrun International Film Festival. 
Screenings will be April 14 and 15, 2012.
Info here:

Thanks to @SGR_movie for the heads up.

New Interviews to Robin Tunney at the SXSW Festival

Some new Interviews to Robin during the SXSW Festival.

Robin Tunney talks "See Girl Run":
Nate Meyer’s debut feature film “Pretty in the Face” played at numerous festivals back in 2007, including South by Southwest. But at this year’s event, IFC caught up with the writer/director as well as star Robin Tunney to talk about their new film, “See Girl Run.”
The drama focuses on Tunney’s character as she struggles to confront the past choices and decisions which currently define her life. Meyer explained that the experience is a familiar one to people who reach “a certain point in their life and start thinking about choices they’ve made and how life could have been different – or better perhaps.” This questioning leads Tunney’s character to being uncovering past relationships, both romantic and familial, in a trip back to her small town.
Tunney too sees the experience as an increasingly universal one, even referring to it as a type of “pre-mid-life crisis.” The actresses sees social media as playing a large role in the mindset’s prevalence, explaining that “with Facebook and the internet, and keeping up with friends from high school…you’re like ‘Should I have broken up with him? Was that the right choice?’” Ultimately, however, Tunney claimed that “See Girl Run” was about “embracing your life and being a grown up.”
Anyone who spent time with Dick and Jane growing up will recognize the distinctive syntax of the film’s title, but the name also has a “strong thematic implication.” Meyer, cautioning that he did not want to give too much away, explained that “See Girl Run” explores “the idea of a girl or woman running from, towards or away from what’s happening in her life.

See the Interview at

Thanks to Van for the heads up.

Robin Tunney on being a Sundance Celeb:


UPDATE: Screencaptures of these interviews in the Gallery, follow THIS Link 

Spoiler Alert: The Mentalist 4x24 Title

Click on Read More for The Mentalist 4x24 (Season Finale) Title.

Source: @mentalistwriter

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Spoiler Alert: The Mentalist 4x23 Title

Click on Read More for The Mentalist 4x23 Title.

Source: @mentalistwriter

Robin Interviewed at SXSW After Party

Robin was interviewed by @younghollywood at SXSW after party.
Here's a photo of the interview:

I'll update as soon as the Interview comes out! ;)

Video: Short Interview to Robin at the SXSW Festival

Source: melsil 

UPDATE: Screencaptures from this video in the Gallery, follow THIS Link

"See Girl Run" World Premiere

Here we are with the first photos coming from the World Premiere of "See Girl Run"!
- Check the Gallery, follow THIS Link 
The photos were taken at the arrivals for the premiere, and during the Q&A after the film's screening.

Source: -
Thanks to Van and Alejandra for the heads up!

Keep checking the Gallery, as I will update it when I find new ones ;)

- Also, two photos from twitter:
First Photo (thanks to @Tony) - Second Photo (thanks to @wanegeus)

- Some ome backgorund ones of Robin at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin can be seen at

- There already the first two reviews of "See Girl Run", which can be found at:

Keep checking back, I'll add all updates I'll find in this post! ;)

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"See Girl Run" World Premiere Today!

So, today is finally the day of "See Girl Run" World Premiere at the SXSW Festival!

Robin will attend the Premiere with Film's Director Nate Meyer.
The screening of See Girl Run will take place at the Stateside Theatre in Austin, Texas, at 4:15 pm. Further info on SXSW Festival website
I'll be sure to post any update as I find them. 
If any of you is going to the event and is willing to share a comment, a photo, an impression, be sure to send them to me at this e-mail address: maryngreenshades[at] - I'll happy to share in the blog! ;)

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New Article about "See Girl Run"

The Wall Stree Journal published an article about "See Girl Run", written by its Director, Nate Meyer.

SXSW 2012: ‘See Girl Run’ Director on the Allure of Locations
By Nate Meyer

Nate Meyer is the writer director of “See Girl Run,” which debuts at the South By Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Tex. this week.
When John Cassavetes would corral his usual cast of rebel rousers to start thinking about a film, one of his primary considerations was to pick a city in which to set the story. He liked to start to conversation by asking, “What city has great restaurants where we haven’t eaten yet?”

To read the rest, click on Read More.

Thanks to Miah for the heads up.

"See Girl Run" World Premiere Tomorrow!

"See Girl Run" World Premiere at SXSW Festival is tomorrow, and website onlocationvacations confirms that Robin will attend the Premiere, with Director Nate Meyer.

The Mentalist 4x18 Screencaptures

You will find in the Gallery the screencaptures of last night's episode of The Mentalist, 4x18 "Ruddy Cheeks".

To see the images, follow THIS Link


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The Mentalist 4x17 Screencaptures

As usually, you will find in the Gallery the screencaptures of last night's episode of The Mentalist, 4x17 "Cheap Burgundy".

To see the images, follow THIS Link