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French Interview to Robin Tunney about The Mentalist Season 4

The French magazine Le Figaro released a new interview with Robin, since The Mentalist Season 4 will soon premiere in France.
You can read the translation I did here:

Q: Robin Tunney, at the beginning of Season 4, your character had been suspended from the CBI: is that a shock for her?
Robin Tunney: Yes, and no. I think that she saw that coming since a long time. She knew that working with Patrick Jane, who always works at the edges, she was going to take all the risks regarding her position and the law.
Q: In a future episode, Patrick Jane will tell "Love you" to Lisbon: will that change something between them?
Robin: She won't know what to think about that and, since she's not very expansive, it's likely that she won't try to find that out. They are close as friends, and there's always a certain ambiguity. They work together non-stop since four years, and they live a lot of intense moments together, that can also exacerbate their feelings. I think that as long as we'll follow their story, their relationship shouldn't be clarified. I'm always amused by what people think: some people think that they are just friends, other that they love each other but they don't realise that, other people want to see us together and other can't see us together! (Laughs)
Q: Simon Baker has spent a part of his vacations in France during this Summer. Have you ever thought of following his example?
Robin: Yes! They often told me that The Mentalist fans are incredible there! The idea that a lot of people follow the show in France as well is a wonderful compliment. In Los Angeles, we live in a bubble, and people here are used to see actors. We just hope they like the series, but we don't see its impact in their eyes. And this makes me remember that, when I was shooting "Prison Break" - that had a lot of success around the world- I visited Brasil with my ex-boyfriend, and I was amazed by people's happiness when they saw me. They used to call me with my character's name: "Veronica, Veronica!"

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Spoiler Alert: The Mentalist Season 5, Info about Lisbon's Character

Click on Read More for a spoiler regarding Robin's character, Teresa Lisbon.


See Girl Run: a photo from the shooting in Portland

I just found a photo from See Girl Run shooting in Portland last year, posted by the Portland Press Herald - Maine News

An independent film crew shoots a scene with actor Adam Scott inside Joseph's Clothing Co. on Fore Street in Portland on Thursday. The crew, and Scott worked for about two hours after an earlier shoot at the Brian Boru bar.
Here's also a short article:

PORTLAND - Adam Scott, the Emmy-nominated actor best known for his role in the comedy series "Party Down," was in Portland on Thursday to film scenes for an upcoming independent movie.He and a film crew of about three dozen people blew through the Old Port, filming at the Brian Boru bar in the morning and at the tony clothier Joseph's on Fore Street in the early afternoon. Scott was not available for interviews, and the crew was mum about details of the shoot.Those who were on the set said that Scott is the leading man in the film. He is trying to woo a girl, and has to upgrade his clothes.Thus, the visit to Joseph's."It was one quick scene. There were about 40 people packed in here, between the sounds and lights," said Jeffrey Lauzier, store manager at Joseph's. "It was organized chaos. You have to be all quiet while trying to run a business while they are filming. But it was fun."Scott and the crew were at Joseph's for about two hours. They filmed a single scene, which Lauzier estimated lasted 45 seconds.The movie's working title is "See Girl Run." It's a romantic comedy, set on the midcoast. Scott's character is hoping to impress a woman, and he's smart enough to know that he has to look good first.So he comes to the big city to improve himself. Joseph's certainly fits the bill for a clothing upgrade. High-end shirts from Eton cost $200 a pop at Joseph's.The 200-year-old building's exposed beams and brick walls also appealed to the filmmakers, who cited the warm, inviting interior of Joseph's as motivation for filming there, Lauzier said.The store manager spoke briefly with Scott, and characterized him as "a good guy, an awesome guy. Very humble."

Spoiler Alert- Bruno Heller: What to expect from The Mentalist Season 5

The Mentalist Creator Bruno Heller talked with Entertainment Weekly and teased what to expect from the new season of the show.
Click on Read More for the article.


Spoiler Alert: Info about The Mentalist Season 5

Click on Read More for various informations about upcoming new Season of The Mentalist.
Attention!! There are some huge spoilers, so read at your own risk, I've warned you! ;)


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Spoiler Alert: The Mentalist 5x01 Promo Photos

Click on Read More for The Mentalist 5x01 Promotional Photos.


Short French article: Robin Tunney: a Japan's fan.

A short article from the French magazine "Le Figaro" entitled The Mentalist- Robin Tunney: Japan's fan.
Here you can find the translation I did from French:

The Mentalist's heroes have traveled all around the world this Summer! While Simon Baker has spent a part of his vacations, incognito, in France (in the Lyonnaise Region), Robin Tunney aka Teresa Lisbon, his "boss", has preferred a more exotic climate.

After visiting Mexico, the actress left for Japan, for the first time. "I visited Tokyo and the country, in Hakone, to see the mountains and the hot springs", she told us. "It was love at first sight: the Japanese food, culture, their warm welcome, they way they handle everything with such delicacy. They are polite and nice, and their attitude is so different from the American one! (laughs). I know New York very well, and it's totally a different world!"

Back to the US, Tunney started shooting Season 5 of The Mentalist mid-July.

Thanks to mentalist.hypnoweb for the heads up.

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Actress Dove Cameron on working with Robin Tunney

So, I had already shared this beautiful set of photos of actress Dove Cameron with Robin on set of The Mentalist. Dove will guest star on an episode, 5x02 "Devil's Cherry".
Here's what she said about working with Robin: "Robin is kind of quiet, but she’s hilarious when she opens up to you. She’s insanely smart. She’s always stating random facts that she finds in some book that she’s reading. She’s really sweet, pretty sarcastic. She’s really easy going. Sweetest woman, I’ll never forget what she said to me on the last day. She’s my favorite, I love Tunney."
She was also so kind to answer to a question I asked her on tumblr, about her experience on set: "Robin is in her own world a lot, staying in character, constantly practicing her lines. That’s part of what makes her so good, she knows how to stay in her mind and stay focused."

Source and Special Thank You to Dove Cameron 

Spoiler Alert: The Mentalist 5x01 Press Release and First Promotional Photo

Click on Read More for The Mentalist Season 5 Premiere Press Release and first Promotional Photo.

Source: CBS

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CBS new promo for The Mentalist New Season

CBS released a new promo for The Mentalist Season 5 premiere, Sunday September 30 10pm.

Thanks to: Tidlee1 

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The Mentalist 5x04 Title

The Mentalist episode 5x04 is called "Blood Feud", written by Jordan Harper.

Source: SpoilerTV

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New The Mentalist BTS Photos from Season 5 with Robin Tunney

Dove Cameron who will guest start on The Mentalist Season 5, just posted some BTS photos with Robin from the set, looking wonderful and adorable! Take a look:

Dove on working with Robin: Robin is kind of quiet, but she’s hilarious when she opens up to you. She’s insanely smart. She’s always stating random facts that she finds in some book that she’s reading. She’s really sweet, pretty sarcastic. She’s really easy going. Sweetest woman, I’ll never forget what she said to me on the last day. She’s my favorite, I love Tunney.

Source: @DoveCameron 

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Video: The Mentalist Cast - "Without You"

I found this beautiful video of The Mentalist Cast from - mostly- Season 4, and thought to share it, I think you're going to love it! Enjoy:

Source: MrJokertrooper

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Robin Tunney: New Photo from the Santa Monica Museum (March 2012)

New photo from the "Incognito" at Santa Monica Museum- March 2012, with our Robin Tunney and Simon Baker.

(click on the image to enlarge it)
From the left: Nicky (Robin's boyfriend), Rebecca (Simon's wife), Robin and Simon.

HERE the Gallery link for other photos from the same event.

Thanks to @Aleee_O

Some Robin Tunney fashion tips!

Ok so, while waiting for some spoilerish news about The Mentalist, I want to post something fashionably interesting for us Robin fans ;)
Take a look at what Robin wore in two recent appareances, and take note!

(click on the images to enlarge them)


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The Mentalist 5x03 Title

The title of The Mentalist episode 5x03 is "Not One Red Cent".

Source: SpoilerTV 

The Mentalist Season 5 Info

Yesterday we got some informations about Season 5 from the Official Twitter account of The Mentalist Writers.
I'll report here what they shared with the fans:

- Episode 5x08 will be directed by Simon Baker, and Daniel Cerone is going to write this episode,
- One of the Writers is currently working on a crime involving one of the team members,
- Episode 100 is written by Tom Szentgyorgyi, who just broke the story,
- Tom Szentgyorgyi is also working on some fun Jane and Lisbon interaction,
- Both Lisbon and Van Pelt will have their own personal arc during this Season, Writers are working on some "cool ideas",
- Writers are working also on some ideas for Summer, Sarah and Rigsby's baby.

Source: @mentalistwriter 

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New Layout!

As you can see, new layout for the blog! After the wonderful new photos that came out in the last days, I couldn't really resist the temptation of using them! ;)
I hope you like it!