Friday, February 9, 2018

Robin Tunney "Would've Done Anything" to Star With Nicolas Cage in 'Looking Glass'

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Actress Robin Tunney has starred in a variety of projects over the years, from '90s hits like Empire Records and The Craft to starring in the TV series The Mentalist for seven years. With her new film, Looking Glass, Tunney stars as a woman relocating to a motel in the desert that's a hot spot of seedy activity, as she and her husband (Nicolas Cage) get in over their heads. As far as what drew the actress to the role, it didn't require more knowledge than the opportunity to work with Cage.

"I did it because I'm a huge Nicolas Cage fan, huge, and I would've done anything that they asked me to do with him," Tunney confessed to "The director, Tim Hunter, I'd worked with before in the '90s, and I really liked him, and I just had a baby, and they're like, 'Do you want to come and do this movie?' I think Nicolas Cage is one of the greatest living actors. I think that he's so talented and has been so brilliant in so many movies, like Wild at Heart, Raising Arizona, Leaving Las Vegas, Adaptation. There are so many brilliant, brilliant performances. I just wanted to see what that guy was like."

She added, "I mean, people have done movies for a lot worse reasons."

Luckily, Tunney's experience with the director and the film's compelling subject matter made the experience all the more exciting.

"I thought it was more like a '70s [movie]," the actress noted. "It's weird, because I think Tim Hunter, it's clear he directed a lot of Twin Peaks when you watch the movie, because there's aspects, it's just weird in the midst of this erotic mystery, this crazy thriller."

The actress also noted that, with the film headed to VOD, she was excited at the idea of it being a film people discover unknowingly.

"It reminded me of a '70s B-movie that's done well. The shots and the colors, there's something very odd," Tunney said of the film's tone. "I thought it was original and I don't think that there's going to be very high expectations for it, so I think anybody who turns it on will be surprised."

Looking Glass hits select theaters, DVD and VOD on February 16.

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