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Happy Birthday Robin!

Happy Birthday Robin!
Today is a very special day for all of us Tunnies!
I always feel like words are failing me when I try to express what being a Tunnie means to me.
It has meant and means the world, it has meant knowing beautiful people, making wonderful memories, like the ones I have from seeing you in New York back in March. The moment you walked on stage and you spoke your first lines, and I realized that it was really happening, those are fond memories I will always go back to when I'll need a bright place to go to. Luckily memories are ours forever, and you gave me some great ones that day. You are such a beautiful, inspiringperson and artist.
I hope the rest of the 2016 and the years ahead will be full of joy, serenity and light.
I wish you a beautiful day full of love from all of those you care for.
Happy Birthday, Robin!
With lots of love and support, always! ♥
- Maria


As announced, a part of the #TunneyWeek 2016 was about collecting entries for two …

#TunneyWeek Day 7!


#FavoriteTunneyMovie - This is our topic for #TunneyWeek Day 7!
Share your favorites, all day long! ;)

Have a beautiful day!

#TunneyWeek Day 6!


it's #TunneyWeek Day 6! And today it’s all about our #FavoriteTunneyInterview :)
Share yours on your socials using the tags.
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#TunneyWeek Day 5!

Hello everyone!

It's Day 5 of our #TunneyWeek and today, even though it’s not easy Tunnies, it's time to share your #FavoriteTunneyPhoto ;)
As always, use these tags on your socials!

#TunneyWeek Day 4!

Who doesn't love a good quote? And Robin has given us many in the numerous interviews over the years.
Share your favorite using the tags #FavoriteTunneyQuote #TunneyWeek on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook.
And have a good day! ♥

#TunneyWeek Day 3!

Hello Tunnies!

#‎TunneyWeek‬ Day 3  is dedicated to share our #‎FavoriteTunneyCharatcer :)
Share yours on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, on our Facebook event  using the tags!
If you want to watch a Robin movie  you particularly like, tag #TunneyWeek and let us know!
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#TunneyWeek Day 2!

‪#‎TunneyWeek‬ Day 2 is dedicated to our one and only Teresa Lisbon and our ‪#‎FavoriteLisbonMoment‬ :)
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If you want to watch an episode of The Mentalist you particularly like, tag #TunneyWeek and let us know!
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#TunneyWeek Day 1!

And so the #TunneyWeek finally begins!
Our Day 1 is entirely dedicated to the Birthday Project for Robin, so CLICK HERE to find out how you can participate! :)

Happy #TunneyWeek, Tunnies!!

#TunneyWeek: Our Third Year Together!

Hello Tunnies!

Welcome to the third year of the #TunneyWeek! This post explains what it's planned for the #TunneyWeek 2016.

The #TunneyWeek starts on June 12 until June 19. 
For our first day together, take a look at the Birthday Project for Robin, “Why Robin?”. All the info on how you can participate are in this post - CLICK HERE 

June 13: #FavoriteLisbonMomentJune 14: #FavoriteTunneyCharacterJune 15: #FavoriteTunneyQuoteJune 16: #FavoriteTunneyPhotosJune 17: #FavoriteTunneyInterviewJune 18: #FavoriteTunneyMovieJune 19: Tunney Day! The topics’ order was chosen from the results of the survey, and we’ve added a new topic for this year: our Favorite Tunney Quote.

Please use these tags and the tag #TunneyWeek on socials. Aside from that tag, if you’re discussing Robin in general, sharing your experiences, if you met her and want to talk about it, if you’re watching one of her movies or tv series, we’d love for you to use the tag #TunneyWeek - so the fans will know who’s discussing what…

The #TunneyWeek starts this Sunday!

Finally, for the third year, we are back with the #TunneyWeek - our special week dedicated to celebeate Robin's Birthday!
We start this Sunday, June 12 until Sunday June 19, the day of Robin's Birthday.
This year we have two projects happening:

First ProjectSecond Project
We thought this was the best way to involve as many fans as possible.
The second project will involve the whole first day of the #TunneyWeek - June 12, so be sure to click HERE to read how you can participate!

I want to thank my "partners in crime", together we are trying to come up with a fun week for every Tunnie to enjoy: Sarah, Vanessa, Grace, Andrea.

As always, you can follow @TunneyWeek on Twitter for all the latest news.
See you on Sunday!

#TunneyWeek Project for Robin's Birthday: Part 2

Hello Tunnies!

This post to present you the second part of the #TunneyWeek Birthday Project for Robin!

Participating is very simple.
On the first day of the #TunneyWeek, June 12, we’d like you all to answer this question: Why Robin?
Why did you become a fan of Robin? What drew you to her in the first place? What do you like the most about her?

Share your answers on every social media you like to use: Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and posting to our Facebook Event.
If you share your thoughts on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, don’t forget to use these tags in your post: #TunneyWeek and #WhyRobin - Why is this important? Because we will collect all your entries during this day, we will put them together, and we will create a document that will go together with the first part of our Birthday Project. We will then tweet this document to Robin on the day of her Birthday.
Think about what you’d like to write, and be ready for June 12!!

You don’t have any social media profile but would like to …