Friday, June 10, 2016

#TunneyWeek: Our Third Year Together!

Hello Tunnies!

Welcome to the third year of the #TunneyWeek! This post explains what it's planned for the #TunneyWeek 2016.

The #TunneyWeek starts on June 12 until June 19. 
For our first day together, take a look at the Birthday Project for Robin, “Why Robin?”. All the info on how you can participate are in this post - CLICK HERE 

Image by Sarah for #TunneyWeek

From June 13, and until Robin’s Birthday on June 19, there will be a topic for each day of the week. It’s a topic we can discuss together, all day long! You can post and share anything you want! This is how we planned the topics during the week:
Image by Vanessa for #TunneyWeek

  • June 13: #FavoriteLisbonMoment
  • June 14: #FavoriteTunneyCharacter
  • June 15: #FavoriteTunneyQuote
  • June 16: #FavoriteTunneyPhotos
  • June 17: #FavoriteTunneyInterview
  • June 18: #FavoriteTunneyMovie
  • June 19: Tunney Day!
The topics’ order was chosen from the results of the survey, and we’ve added a new topic for this year: our Favorite Tunney Quote.

Please use these tags and the tag #TunneyWeek on socials. Aside from that tag, if you’re discussing Robin in general, sharing your experiences, if you met her and want to talk about it, if you’re watching one of her movies or tv series, we’d love for you to use the tag #TunneyWeek - so the fans will know who’s discussing what! :) Of course, the #TunneyWeek tag can be used, aside from Twitter, on Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram too! ;)
  • Moreover, if you want to dress your social profile for Robin’s Birthday, you can use one (or more!) of these icons, you can download them from here: LINK
Hope that you will enjoy this special week, and that a lot of you will participate in the Birthday Porject for Robin, which will be tweeted to Robin on the day of her Birthday!
If you have any question regarding the Birthday project, of the daily topics, don’t hesistate to contact the #TunneyWeek Team on Tumblr, or on Twitter, you can find us at @TunneyWeek - I remind you also the Facebook event: LINK

Happy #TunneyWeek everyone! ♥

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