Tuesday, April 26, 2016

New project for Robin's Birthday

Hello Tunnies!

In less than two months it will be Robin's Birthday and a fellow fan, Valentina, is organizing a fan made birthday video.
I was asked to help in sharing the details of this project, so if you wish to join it, click on read more where you will find all you need to know.
Thank you!

Hi Guys,

Robin Tunney´s Birthday (June 19th) is coming up and just like last year there will be a birthday song for Robin Tunney. If you don´t want to participate because you don´t know what the song is all about (and you don´t want to support the song by sending in your video) just send me a message and I´ll send you the lyrics.
The video this year should be all about celebrating Robin and showing her how much we appreciate her and her work and how she makes us smile all the time without knowing it. If you intend to participate please send me a short message.

How you can participate:

1) Send a picture of a message (or a drawing/any other kind of art work etc. BE CREATIVE :D ) you wrote for Robin (you decide if you want to be in the picture)

2) Send a video of you saying “Happy Birthday“ but IN YOUR LANGUAGE

3) Additionally, you can record a message for Robin. To make your message more personal you can keep the following questions in mind.
→ Have you ever met Robin? In case you have: What was the best thing about meeting her? When and where did you meet Robin? Have you seen Smokefall and met her backstage?
→ When did become a fan of Robin? (after which movie/show? In which year?)
→ What do you love most about Robin?
→ Did Robin somehow help you to deal with a difficult situation?
→ Did she change your life? Did she change the way you see things? How did she change your life?

4) Since the song is about how a smile can change the world you can also participate in the music video for the song: There you can send me a picture of you smiling (you can choose a picture you already have), or a video of you breaking into a smile.

Additional Info:
If you have any further ideas about how you can participate let me know. The most important thing is: Have FUN and be CREATIVE.

The deadline for you to send me your video is June 1st.

Please be careful that you don´t make Robin feel uncomfortable with what you say ;) and if you have any further questions just contact me:
twitter: @VallyBert
Instagram: @hug_in_a_cup_lover
email: soulmentalistas@gmail.com


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