Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fans Project - #supportGEMS - The Results!

Hi everyone!

We've come to the end of our fans project #supportGEMS and I am very happy to announce the final sum that we were able to raise, combining our individual donations: $1308.
It's an amazing result! I'm so proud and happy of what we could accomplish together for a good cause! This is one of the many reasons I love being part of this fandom, the things we can do together!
Knowing that this sum will be used for something good and that it came from our efforts, it's something that fills my heart with joy!

I want to to thank all the generous fans who gave their contribution, who made a donation. I remind you that you can take a look at the Participants' List HERE
I want to thank all the people who helped me spread the word about this project. Even those who couldn't donate, but nonetheless helped me spread the word, by posting about the project, by telling to other people about it: your contribution was as important as a donation. 
I'm going to send to Robin's fan mail address a paper as a memory of this project. 

Thank you all again, so much, for helping me through this! :)
And, why not, we could always repeat the project next year... What do you think? I am all for it! ;)

Take a look at Robin's latest tweet about the project! :D 

A very special thank you also from the "GEMS" Official Twitter!!

Thank you all again! ♥

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