Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tunney Week: Day 5

(Images by Van for #TunneyWeek)

Here we go! Fifth day of the Tunney Week!
As it was explained, to celebrate Robin's Birthday, each day from June 12th until June 19th we will discuss a topic and a movie, related to Robin's career.
Today, June 16th, we have for you the tags: #FavouriteLisbonMoment and #Paparazzi.
Take a look at the entry that it was prepared in honor of "Paparazzi", HERE 

We just ask you to please use these tags and the tag #TunneyWeek. Aside from these tags, if you’re discussing Robin in general, sharing your experiences, if you met her and want to talk about it, if you’re watching one of her movies or tv series, we’d love for you to use the tag #TunneyWeek - so the fans will know who’s discussing what! :) Of course, the #TunneyWeek tag can be used, aside from Twitter, on Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram too! ;) 

And don't forget to send your material - fanart, Birthday messages/letters - to the e-mail: tunneyweek1@gmail.com
All the material collected will be put together to create a Birthday Book that will be sent to Robin! :)

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  1. Can all be kkkk For I love every moment of Teresa Lisbon is my favorite character.