Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Mentalist Series Finale Recap and Screencaptures

You will find in the Gallery the screencaptures of last night's episodes of The Mentalist, "Brown Shag Carpet", and "White Orchids", the Series Finale of the Show.

To see them, CLICK HERE 

You will also find HERE  my recap / thoughts about the episodes. Leave a comment there, if you like!

Well, these will be the last screencaps and recap, ever. I feel very, very sad, but at the same time very, very grateful. This Show gave me so much. I met amazing people, it gave me wonderful memories I will cherish forever, and it made me meet Robin. I will be forever grateful for all the experiences I could live thanks to The Mentalist, thanks to all the people who are behind it, and who made us love the characters so much, so much they will be part of our lives forever. The Show's over, but the memories live forever!
Thank You The Mentalist!!

And, I will quote Bruno Heller, and his beautiful words about Robin, because that's also how we fans see her, as a very, very special person:
"The heart and soul of the show that was on the screen and offstage was Robin. Me and [Simon] and a lot of others on the show can be angry, dark people but Robin was the spiritual glue and the mom. We would not have lasted half this long if Robin hadn’t been a brilliant actor and a brilliant person."

And, we trended on twitter last night, while watching the series finale:

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  1. My heart is sad!
    OMG I'm going to miss The Mentalist.
    Always in my heart


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