Monday, January 26, 2015

Vote for Robin Tunney and Simon Baker!

This year's Monte-Carlo Tv Festival gives the chance to the fans to choose which Stars they would like to see as Guests. Simon and Robin have both made it to the final list! Now we can vote to let them be in the final list of the 10 Stars who will be invited at the festival. 
This is the link to vote: 

- Click on the image "Crée ta vip list".

- Click next to Simon and Robin's names.
- Fill the form, with your name (Nom), last name (Prénom), e-mail, date of birth (Date de naissance), choose between man and woman (homme means man, femme means woman).
-Click on "Envoyer" (send). There's nothing to write under "code the parrainage".

The names of the Stars who will be invited at the Festival will be announced on February 4th.
Thank you!

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