Saturday, December 20, 2014

That's a wrap, The Mentalist!

The Mentalist Cast and Crew have officialy wrapped filming The Mentalist. 
You can see some photos of the final day, posted by Jimmy Gadd HERE

And a special photo that means a lot!
This cake was an idea of friend and fellow fan of The Mentalist Grace and I supported the project along wih other 4 fellow fans: Leah, Tea, Kim and Jordan. It was sent to the Cast and the Crew on behalf of the whole The Mentalist fandom.
I can't describe how happy this photo makes me, a great way to say goodbye to this wonderful Show, and wonderful Cast and Crew!
I will be forever grateful for all the amazing things The Mentalist has brought into my life.
Great memories, friends, and moments like this :)

Photo source: @cinematicbreelliance

Photo source: @jimmygadd 

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