Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Goodbye The Mentalist - Video

As you all probably know, Season 7 of The Mentalist is going to be the last Season.
Friday, December 19th, is going to be the very last day of filming for The Mentalist's Cast and Crew.
I can't even explain how much this Show means to me, and all the beautiful things it has brought to my life.

What's better than a video gathering all the fans' experiences, thoughts and words about The Mentalist, to say goodbye?
And following, a video, created by the Goodbye The Mentalist Project, in which a lot of fans from all around the world (including me :) ) are sharing their love for the Cast and the Crew of the best Show ever!
You will see what a television show can do, something special, for sure.
I feel so lucky I'm part of this fandom!
Enjoy it!
Video put together by: Goodbye The Mentalist Project

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