Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Spoiler Alert: TVLine on The Mentalist

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Source: TVLine

I know that pictures from the new season of The Mentalist have surfaced, but I need more. Like, how does Cho and the rest of the team respond to the Jane/Lisbon relationship? –Alyssa
Cho of all people, as you can imagine, is not quick to pick up on the consummated romance, in part because they endeavor to keep it under wraps. But that’s not to say a different colleague doesn’t find them out pretty much ASAP. (P.S. Did you know that Agent Fisher is a goner? I admittedly did not.)

I thought I saw a preview showing The Mentalist‘s Lisbon and Jane in what appeared to be the beginning of a hot and heavy love scene. It was billed as a continuation of the kiss at the end of Season 6. Now I can’t find it. Was I right? –Charlotte
There is no continuation, “hot and heavy” or otherwise, of the season-ending kiss — though “Jisbon” fans should be plenty satisfied with the conversation topic  (namely, a question that is raised) in their first season premiere scene. (Granted, that joy could be tempered by a question Pike poses to Jane later on…..)

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