Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Spoiler Alert: Scoops about The Mentalist

Click on Read More for two scoops about The Mentalist from TVLine and TVGuide.

From TVGuide:

Do you have anything on The Mentalist's premiere episode you can share? — Shena, via Twitter

After their big kiss at the end of last season, Lisbon and Jane are fully immersed in their honeymoon period when the season begins. But when they're called back to work to investigate the murder of an undercover FBI agent, they have to figure out how (or if) to break the news of their relationship to their colleagues. Lisbon, for one, wants to keep the romance under wraps — which Jane is willing go along with. Or at least he is until Lisbon's ex Pike comes back in the picture.


From TVLine

- Major Spoiler Alert-

Question: Anything on The Mentalist? I’m dying over here! —Laura           

Ausiello: Interesting choice of words, considering the CBS drama will conclude its seven-season run with a two-part episode that revolves around a menacing new serial killer who goes by the name “Lazarus.” An exterminator by trade, Lazzie (as I call him) conceals psychopathic tendencies underneath his unprepossessing exterior.

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