Monday, October 6, 2014

Trending Time! Robin Tunney on Ellen DeGeneres Show

Welcome to this new project, a trending time on twitter, to ask for Robin to be a Guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Fans have been expressing the desire to see Robin as a Guest, so the Save The Mentalist Team had first put together a project for a trending time, and now I'm very glad to give my help to organize this! 
Here, you can find an explanation of how it will be done.
If you're on twitter, on October 13th and October 20th 2014 (Mondays, day chosen via a poll organized by The Save The Mentalist Team), we're going to try to trend worldwide! On October 13th, we're going to try to trend "Robin Tunney on Ellen" (written without the "..." as you see in the image below).
For the day October 20th, I will post further informations.
All you have to do is join us, on those two days, at 3pm EST! You can check the image for all the different timezones, thank you Save The Mentalist for letting me use their layout- idea with the timezones for it!
If you can't make it "live" at those times, you can also schedule your tweets, using Tweetdeck, or Future Tweets. They are both very simple to use!
All your tweets must, of course, contain what we need to trend in them. You can also mention Ellen ( @TheEllenShow ) in some of them, if you want, just try to be polite and nice, we don't want to scare her! ;)
If you need any help, you can contact me.
I hope you're going to join us, thank you! :)

So let's begin with an image showing you the trending words and time, for October 13th!

Click on the Image to enlarge it

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