Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New [Old] Magazine Scan: "Details" - 2002

I have uploaded in the Gallery the scans of an old article from the magazine "Details" - June/July 2002, in which Robin Tunney talks about filming the movie "Cherish".
There are also two beautiful photos.

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About A Girl

With a role as a woman under house arrest, Robin Tunney is finally ready to break out.

Robin Tunney likes playing against type, even when the camera isn't running. "I don't have fits", she says, dismissing the clich├ęd, give-me-a-bigger-trailer-or-give-me-death ultimatums employed by other Hollywood ingenues. Instead, the 30-year-old art-house veteran opts for a grin-and-bear-it approach, in keeping with her working-class Chicago roots. But when Tunney was filming her latest movie, "Cherish", which debuts in June, a few Shannen Doherty-style tantrums would have served her well. The actress is in virtually every scene, and the movie's delicate balance of melodrama and braod humor- set to a soundtrack of shiny eighties love songs- rests entirely on her shoulders. "It was fatiguing", she says. "We were shooting at such a fast clip because it was low-budget, and I didn't get a break. I was sleeping five hours a night. The set was filthy". Tunney never complained, though, preferring to sob quietly in the comfort of her dressing room. Finally, she says, "the wardrobe supervisor put on one of my wigs and had a fit for me".
There is a reason that Tunney was loath to bellyache. After early critical raves for "Niagara, Niagara", in which she hit the drama-school jackpot with a role as a Tourette's sufferer, the actress found herself adrift in big-budget flopville- first in the ill-fated Schwarzenegger vehicle "End of Days" and then in "Vertical Limit", as one of a group of mountain climbers who scale K2 and face a series of calamities, none more debilitating than the sheer lack of a script. "I was worried that I had forgotten how to act", Tunney says, fidgeting in her chair in a hotel near her downton-Manhattan apartment. "Then I read 'Cherish', and I began having phone conversations with the director: 'I have really nice wigs. I don't need any money. Call so-and-so and you'll see I'm a really good sport.' "
The hard sell-likely picked up from her father, a car dealer who refers to the afterlife as "the great used-car lot in the sky"- worked. In "Cherish", Tunney plays a woman who is falsely accused of a fatal hit-and-run and put under house arrest, where she bewitches her attending police officer (played with nebbishy aplomb by Tim Blake Nelson).
The performance is likely to return Tunney to the speed-dials of indie directors and save her from long-distance pleading. And while she still hasn't added the hissy fit to her repertoire, she will admit to mastering another valuable chapter in the diva handbook. "A very wise man once told me that if you're not good in a movie, it's the director's fault," she says. "I have to tell you, it sets you free". 


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