Monday, June 16, 2014

#TunneyWeek Celebrations, Which Robin Tunney's Movie Would You Like To Watch? Poll Results And New Poll!

And the Winner is...


Cherish was the most voted, so we'll watch it all together and live tweet it on June 18th at 3pm EST.  (as always, HERE you will find all the different timezones.)
If you can join us, it will be fun to watch one of Robin Tunney's greatest performances together!

Thank you to everyone who took some time to vote!

You can see below the poll results (click on the image to enlarge it):

And as one poll closes, it's time to open the next one, this time to let you choose the hour during which we'll try to trend "Happy Birthday Robin Tunney" on twitter, June 19th. (as always, HERE you will find all the different timezones.)
Choose between our two options, or tell us your own in the poll's comments.
This poll is open until tomorrow, June 17th and the results will be announced on June 18th.
Thank you!

In the meantime, the #TunneyWeek continues, follow @TunneyWeek on twitter for all the updates!

EDIT - Poll Results.

As you've chosen via the poll, we're going to trend ' Happy Birthday Robin Tunney ' on twitter at 2pm EST tomorrow June 19th.

To see the poll's results you can see the image below.


  1. as early as possible, so lets start when everyone gets up at 7am


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