Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The #TunneyWeek

Welcome to the #TunneyWeek - a special week to celebrate Robin Tunney's Birthday!

This week will be dedicated to Robin and to her fans. We'd like to have fun all together, so we thought to engage all the Robin's Fans in some activities!

As you can see from the poster, the #TunneyWeek will start tomorrow, June 12th, to end the day of Robin's Birthday, June 19.

Tomorrow, we'd love to trend #TunneyWeek to start our special time!
When? 2pm EST - Where? On Twitter, of course!
HERE you can see all the different timezones!

The following days, as you can see from the poster, we planned a "topic" for each day. Something we can discuss together, share our favorite photos, our favoirte Robin Tunney's movies, interviews etc. This is all day long! If you want to take part in it, just remember to use the "tag of the day", as written above. Aside from that tag, if you’re discussing Robin in general, sharing your experiences, if you met her and want to talk about it, if you’re watching one of her movies or tv-series, we’d love for you to use the tag #TunneyWeek - so the fans will know who’s discussing what! :) Of course, the #TunneyWeek tag can be used, aside from twitter, on Tumblr and Facebook too! ;)

Also, we will propose you two polls! With the first, you will decide which movie you'd love to watch on June 18 at 3pm EST (the usual hour in which we watch the episodes of The Mentalist, see HERE all the different timezones ), the day before Robin's Birthday, a movie we will all watch together and live tweet!

And finally, on June 19th, the day of Robin Tunney's Birthday, we'd love to trend on twitter "Happy Birthday Robin Tunney".
When? You will choose when, with a second poll we will publish later.

And that's it! We hope you will like the idea, and you will join us to celebrate Robin Tunney during her week, the fans' week, the #TunneyWeek :)

For all the updates every day, you can follow the TunneyWeek twitter 

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