Monday, May 19, 2014

The Mentalist 6x22 (Season Finale) Screencaptures and Recap

You will find in the Gallery the screencaptures of last night's episode of The Mentalist, 6x22 (Season Finale) "Blue Bird".
To see them, click HERE

You can also find HERE my recap of the episode.

So, The Mentalist Season 6 is officialy over... I hope you all enjoyed the Finale! 
The Mentalist will be back with Season 7, probably from January 2015.
So, I'll see you (not so) soon with new screencaptures! ;)


  1. Beautiful, wonderful,I loved.Good job.

  2. Maria...Novella. Now that's a writer's name!

    You've actually met Robin...this certainly enhances
    your blog. Maybe she reads it, too!

    It would be interesting to ask Simon Baker why his
    character waited till the last minute to clearly
    communicate to Teresa, about their relationship.

    But, I thank Heller for not handing us one of those
    damn cliff hangers that became standard procedure
    when JR [Dallas] got shot. Although, that first
    cliff hanger was a good one!

    Funny thing about Jane & Lisbon: Each presents a
    mask to the illusion of always being in
    control, BUT - when the masks are removed... these
    two are STILL very much alike. Both highly,
    desperately emotional -- not their cool, calm
    collected CBI selves. Which is OK by me. :)

    Daniel Asuncion
    Nova Scotia


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