Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spoiler Alert: TVLine on what to expect from The Mentalist Season 6 Finale:

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Source: TVLine

PRE-FINALE EPISODES | Season 6 will wind down with "two serialized stories," says EP Tom Szentgyorgyi. "One is an increasingly complicated and dark pursuit of a person or persons abducting young women and doing fairly nefarious things to them." The other arc concerns Lisbon's intensifying relationship with Marcus Pike "and what Jane is doing about it." As Lisbon "very seriously" considers Pike's invitation to move to D.C. with him, for Jane these last episodes are about "the gradual surfacing of how important Lisbon is to his life." Szentgyorgyi notes, "There has always been affection and camaraderie" between the crime-solvers, "but the notion that there's more to it is something they've never discussed -- until now."

MAY 18 SEASON FINALE | Szentgyorgyi says the season will end "exactly" as mapped out last summer -- "though it certainly takes on a different resonance" because the procedural has yet to be renewed. In a "beautifully acted piece" penned by series creator Bruno Heller and serviceable as "both a season and series finale," the last episode "definitely answers some questions, and raises others," Szentgyorgyi teases. "There is a mystery to be solved, but the finale is also very much about Jane and Lisbon."

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