Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Spoilers about The Mentalist

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Source: TVGuide and TVLine

Since The Mentalist hasn't been renewed yet, will the writers finally get Jane and Lisbon together in case the show's canceled? — Jackie
Funny you should ask, Jackie. "It's a romantic finale rather than a [suspenseful] finale," creator  Bruno Heller says. But that might not mean exactly what you think. In fact, after a quick courtship, Agent Pike will propose to Lisbon. Will Jane give the couple his blessing, or will he decide to confront his unresolved feelings for Lisbon? Either way, Heller promises closure. "With the death of Red John, there's a sense of tying [things] up and certainly this romantic angle is one of them," he says.

Question: Will The Mentalist‘s Jane and Lisbon ever talk about how they felt during the two years they were separated? —Elaine
Ausiello: “I mean, there might be a line [somewhere later this season], but it’s not a major topic of conversation,” EP Tom Szentgyorgyi answers. “That’s not to say it’s not something we wouldn’t return to next year, if we have one.”

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