Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Spoiler Alert: Info about The Mentalist 6x10

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Sources: TVLine and TVGuide


Question: Any romantic scoop on The Mentalist‘s Patrick Jane and Kim Fischer? I see sparks aplenty in the “My Blue Heaven” promo. –Amy
Ausiello: …and you have also since seen, I assume, that Fisher is a Fed — and not the friendliest one, at that. That said, in this Sunday’s episode, we’ll get the sense that her brief time with Jane on the island left an impression on her — and perhaps vice versa.


Any scoop on The Mentalist? Is Jane really going back to jail? — Elizabeth
ADAM: Get ready for another — albeit less severe — time jump. The next episode skips ahead three months, and Jane has indeed spent the intervening period in detention. (And Lisbon's been writing him letters! Aw...) However, the always wily Jane already has a plan to get out. Let's just say that some pieces of the Red John puzzle from earlier this season may be Jane's saving grace.

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