Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Poll: Which was your favourite Episode of The Mentalist Season 5 so far?

Since we're in the Holidays' Hiatus, I've created this poll to know which was your favourite episode of The Mentalist Season 5, so far.
The poll closes December 31, 2012! Vote and share, thank you! :)


  1. Honestly enjoyed every single episode so far this season. If it continues this trend in the 2nd half, then it has the potential to be the best since Season 1 (and I love them all!)

    This was a very hard decision. The 3 standouts are 'Devil's Cherry', 'Red Dawn' and 'Red Sails in the Sunset', all of which are amongst the shows best ever episodes for different reasons. In the end, I went for 'Devil's Cherry'.

  2. Also an honourable mention to 'Blood Feud', which I felt was so perfectly crafted and different.

  3. It's hard to choose but I picked "Devil's Cherry". It was funny and sad and Jisbon-ny lol

    It was also nice to meet Jane's daughter. I also loved "Red Sails In The Sunset" ! It was an amazing episode with Jane/Lorelei and the RJ arc !!

  4. This season has been great so far! I think that, after Season 1, this might be the best as a whole!

    In the end, I've decided for "Devil's Cherry", too. It was original, it has funny moments, but with a main bittersweet feeling about it. I especially loved the end of the episode, I'm always amazed by how the right music can make a scene even more beautiful.

    But I can't forget to mention "Red Dawn". I'm happy they gave us a chance to know how it all began, and also "If It Bleeds, It Leads", because it's the beginning of a Lisbon's arc I was waiting since a long time to happen, it gaves Robin great material to work on for her character :)
    "Red Sails in The Sunset" was like a movie, it was beautiful and probably the best work Simon did directing.

  5. I've liked each season better than the last, and this one could continue the trend! I picked Devil's Cherry, but I loved Red Sails, Crimson Ticket, and Red Dawn too. And Bleeds for Robin.


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