Thursday, January 5, 2012

Which was your favourite episode of The Mentalist so far?- Poll Results

So, the poll is closed and we can finally declare the winner!
With 140 votes, you voted 4x10 "Fugue in Red" as your favourite episode of The Mentalist so far!

Here are the complete results:

1. 4x10 "Fugue in Red"
2. 4x07 "Blinking Red Light"
3. 4x06 "Where in The World is Carmine o'Brien"
4. 4x01 "Scarlet Ribbons"
5. 4x03 "Pretty Red Balloon"
6. 4x02 "Little Red Book" and 4x05 "Blood and Sand"
7. 4x09 "The Redshirt"
8. 4x08 "Pink Tops"
9. 4x04 "Ring Around the Rosie"

For the details with the votes' numbers, click HERE

Thanks to everyone who took some time to vote, and see you with another poll at the end of season 4, to decree the final winner! ;)

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