Thursday, January 12, 2012

Summary of latest info from The Mentalist Writers

Here's a summary of the latest informations kindly shared by The Mentalist Writers on their Official Twitter Account

- there arent's plans to shoot The Mentalist outside the US, in particular there was a rumor about France. Here's what the Writer Daniel Cerone writes: "No, no plans for international travel. Just wishful thinking. :)"
He also adds: "There is talk to do a French themed episode next season to honor our loyal following in France, but no firm plans yet."
- Daniel Cerone also writes: "I want to explore Agatha Christie model where many suspects have motive and opportunity, then add twist, then twist on twist."
- About episode 4x10, Simon Baker told the fans that in this episode there is his favourite scene between Jane and Lisbon so far... Cerone adds which one, and says: "It was one in hospital room where Jane knows Lisbon wants him to recall painful past and he just wants to be happy." About the final scene of the episode, he says: "Nope. Nothing more written. Out on Jane's pain. U can never go wrong ending an ep on Simon Baker."
- Cerone also reveals what he's planning for episode 4x21, and writes: "Drag Queen ep, if all goes according to plan, would be 421. Just in story stage now. Working on outline."
- And, lastly, Writer Ashley Gable adds a cool information: "Final count of United #MentalistFan Nations: 44, including the USA. Thank you to all #TheMentalist fans".


  1. I hope they'll come shooting in France, even if it's not next season. It will be SO great that they make an episode about France or French people =D

  2. Well, even if they won't come to France, it's still a great news that they are thinking to do a French themed episode, finger crossed! :D


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