Wednesday, January 4, 2012

BTS Photo from The Mentalist S3

Do you remember the Season 3 episode of The Mentalist in wich Robin's character plays with an elephant?
Well, Ashley Gable, one of The Mentalist writers, just posted on @mentalistwriter this super cute photo from behind the scenes of that episode:

Ashley also writes: "Tunney loved the elephant, too. After the scene was over, Robin let the elephant pick her up in its trunk. Very cute."

Also, other details about current Season 4 shared by Ashley:

- We are doing 24 eps this year, and 24 will be written by Bruno Heller.
- My last ep of the season will be 422. Yesterday I was just doing additional dialogue (ADR) 4 ep 411, which will air soon.
- No 2-hr finale this year -- 423 & 424 will air separately.

Thanks to - Source: Ashley Gable @mentalistwriter

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