Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rumor: The Mentalist shooting in France?

There was a similar rumor already a year ago, talking about a possible shooting of The Mentalist in France. Now, an article of France Magazine Télé 7 Jours talks about the same possibility.
To read the rumor I posted a year ago, click HERE

I translated the article from French to English. To read it, click on Read More.


Simon Baker: the beautiful Mentalist to move in France?

Here a news that is going to make The Mentalist fans happy! While the third season is going to end on TF1 with more than 10 millions viewers, series creator Bruno Heller talked with Télé 7 Jours, and he revealed a possible relocation of the series... in France!
When asked about a possible shooting outside California, he answers: " Simon Baker and I have talked about it, and we agreed about France". French fans, be ready to welcome The Mentalist in one or two years!
The shooting's location is not yet determined, but the Basque Coast is a possibility. "Simon loves it. He has already been there with his family, and he appreciated other places too, like Brittany. He would love to live there."
Season 6 or 7 might then be shot in France. Another great news: The Mentalist might have a romantic interest! "Patrick Jane has his needs, like everyone else, you're right! But for him, sex is closely linked to love, feelings. I could concede him an escapade in a season or two", says series creator.
And what better than Paris, for a romantic interest for The Mentalist?


  1. Ahhhhh *hysteric* lol Simon Baker would love to leave in Britanny, where I live !!! <3 It would be so great if they come shooting in France !! Hope it's not just a rumor...

  2. I visited Brittany some years ago!! :D It's a really beautiful place! ;)
    I don't know... I mean, moving the whole cast&crew so far away from California seems really expensive. But I can't see why a French mag should write such a detailed article out of nothing... guess we just have to wait and see ;)

  3. Hum bom lugar para um interesse romântico para o Jane,bem seria super romântico ele se declarando para a Lisbon na França não é?
    Ai eu sou do Brasil e amaria que um dia eles viessem gravar aqui no meu país(sonhar não paga),gostaria muito,muito mesmo de conhece-los.

  4. You're right Mary but I don't really trust this website Purepeople... So, I don't know. I'd love to of course but like you said, moving the whole team and all there...

    We'll see like you say ! ;)


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