Monday, November 14, 2011

"See Girl Run" at Sundance 2012?

Robin Tunney's new movie "See Girl Run" (due to come out in 2012) at Sundance 2012?
Here's an article from the movie's IMDB page:

"2012 Sundance Predictions: Nate Meyer's See Girl Run

See Girl Run - Nate Meyer Nate Meyer's 2007 debut Pretty in the Face appeared at the SXSW so the big question is with a name cast in Robin Tunney and Adam Scott, bigger indie budget and some great producing help with See Girl Run find a spot? Quite possibly. Worth noting: fellow North Carolina folk David Gordon Green and Lisa Muskat are executive producers on the project. Gist: This involves a woman who gets caught up in "what ifs" that cause her to dig back into her romantic history. Scott will play a local hero who stayed in their hometown to become an artist and illustrator and pine for his high school love. Producers: Nate Meyer, Jesse Sweet and Derrick Tseng (Dark Horse)."

Source: IMDB and ioncinema

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