Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Robin in Health Magazine (November 2011)

Health Magazine November Issue dedicates a page to Robin and what she loves about her home.
Here's the scan:
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And here's a transcript of the scan:

What I love about my home:

The Mentalist star Robin Tunney rolls out the welcome mat and reveals her happy house secrets.
"I love my home! It's a huge part of who I am".
Interview by Elizabeth Jenkins

-Playing Chef: "I prefer having friends over versus meeting at a restaurant and being rushed out. Pasta is always really good to serve to a big group. You can feed 12 friends without braking the bank.
-Bringing the outside in: " I always have fresh flowers in the house".
- Moving and Grooving: "I take Tracy Anderson's classes and do her dance cardio DVDs at home. Dancing is a really joyful thing to do- you sweat so much and you skin looks good".
- Lovely linens: "Simon [Baker] makes fun of me for ironing my duvet covers and pillowcases. He says a bed is not more comfortable if your iron it. But it feels better to me! I like Frette sheets".
- Lounging around: "I put Monrow sweatpants when I'm home. They are really soft!".
- Love this scent: "I keep Santa Maria Novella potpourri sachets in my linen closet and car. A valet guy asked me to bring him one because it smells so good!"
- Go to Glasses: "It's important when you serve wine in stem glasses that it's with a small group and you won't be devastated if one breaks. For bigger parties, I use simple Alessi glasses".

Source: @FRETTEhome - health.com thanks to Kellyee34 for the scan


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