Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Mentalist Writers Question&Answer

Yesterday Ashley Gable, one of The Mentalist Writers, was so kind to do another Question&Answer with the fans.
She answered some questions about the show (I was lucky enough to see my question answered!), and I did a summary of it:

- The new kitchen island. CBI found $ in the budget! :) (Plus we wanted actors 2 b able to face each other in a scene instead of facing the wall while making their coffee
- how many scripts we work on at once. Rt now we have about five scripts in various stages of development.
- Jane's motel, Lisbon's apt - design decisions made by #BrunoHeller in consultation w/actors/writers/directrs. design decisions - should add we have AMAZING production design team led by Michael Novotny. #HesBrilliant
- eps: Bruno will not be credited with another #Mentalist ep until later this season, but he shapes every ep we do. In fact, Bruno is scheduled to write AND DIRECT later this season. #WhichIsAwesome
- We have no plans to film in la France anytime soon. #QuelleDomage

- What was my fave ep to write? Probably #RedBadge or #HisRedRightHand. Hard to choose!

And Ashley Gable also said that next week Writer Daniel Cerone will answer some of the fans' questions.
Aren't they amazing? :)

Source: The Mentalist Writers Official Twitter

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