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Interviews: Robin in French Magazines

Robin has been interviewed by two French Magazines: Télé Star and Télé Poche. The two Interviews are similar, with some differences.
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Sources: the-mentalist.hypnoweb and LAurore for Télé Star -
the-mentalist.frenchboard and daidi04 for Télé Poche

Télé Star Interview:

In France, TF1 is airing Season 3 of The Mentalist. Which episode was your favourite?
RT: During the third season the big difference is that Jane and Lisbon become closer. There's less rivality, their collaboration is more sincere. Jane feels responsible for Lisbon's well-being and he's more by her side.

Do you think that a romantic relationship can be possible?
RT: You can feel that they feel more responsible and they tend to be protective for one another. Jane was more selfish during the past seasons, he was more focused on himself and his desire for revenge.

So, can we expect to see them get closer?
RT: I don't know if their relantionship will turn into a romantic or sexual one. They almost look like an old married couple. Their relationship is based on humor, respect and esteem. The Mentalist is also first of all based on solving cases and fight crime, and I'm not sure that love should be the first subject of this series.

What do you think about the last episode of Season 3?
RT: The third season is really endearing. Viewers needed to get closer to Red John, but is it really all over? We rely on the writers.

After years working with Simon, can you reveal us some secrets about him?
RT: He takes his work very seriously, but without taking himself too seriously. He's a great dancer, he has the rhythm inside him. And he's also an amazing imitator, and he's very good in building and reparing stuff, very rare for an actor.

You ended the relationship with your fiancé, director Andrew Dominik. Work helped?
RT: Yes, shooting the series helped me going through that time. Everytime a relationship ends, you lose a bit of your naivety. But I learned a lot about myself. But I think that you don't fall in love again so quickly.

The tears for Lucy.
Among the events that left a sign in Robin's life, there is the death of her dog Lucy: "She was 18 years old. When she died, I kept of putting food in her dish for days. I thought I could never love another dog so much. But my new dog Rufus made me change my mind. He's amazing!".


Télé Poche Interview:

Robin Tunney's five most important moments in her life:

- From a professional point of view, the Volpi Cup I won in Venice for Niagara, Niagara.

- My aunt's death was a very tragic moment. I was 23 years old. But now I also think that I was lucky that I hadn't to live such a tragic event again in my family later.

- When I broke up with my fiancé Andrew Dominik. It was painful, but I could also learn a lot about myself.

- Another very painful moment was the death of my dog Lucy, she was 18 years old. But today, I have another dog, Rufus, who makes me very happy.

- Recently I was talking with my nephew, and we shared a beautiful moment. I told him that it's when you have to face difficult moments that you can really define yourself and the person you want to become.


During Season 4, we are going to meet a new boss: Luther Wainwright played by Michael Rady. How do you live the change?

RT: Michael Rady brings fresh air, since his character is younger than the team is, so he's not going to stress on the mistakes. He will be more of a collegue than a boss.

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