Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Mentalist 3x05 Info

The Mentalist 3x05 "The Red Ponies" is written by Eoghan Mahony and directed by John Showalter.
Here's a pictures from the set:

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  1. Mahony wrote Red Sauce, the one that Jane gives Lisbon a pony. Maybe it’s just a funny coincidence, right? lol

    BTW, I never had the chance to say, but I just love this place. Such a lovely header, very interesting stuff about her and its currently updated, Robin so deserves something like that

    Well done! :)

  2. Hi!! :-)
    Thank you very much Vanessa!!
    I really appreciate what you wrote! I opened the blog almost two months ago and I'm so happy I did it. I love Robin so much I thought to do something to give her something back, she's fab!

    Your blog rocks too! Love the colors you used and I was a visitor of it even before opening mine! :-)

    Yeah, I was thinkin about that too! I read somewhere that Heller said that Lisbon gave the pony to a farm, but how cool would be to see the pony again lol that scene is still one of my favourites ever of TM! Mahony writes always great episodes, can't wait for this one!

    Thanks again, also for putting my site among your affiliates, I did the same with yours!


  3. I totally agree, she’s fab! I love Robin, she seems to be such a lovely person and she’s a wonderful actress. BTW, she made me love indie movies. If you need something, anything (as a movie or whatever), just let me know, maybe I can help you. I would be grateful for that :)

    Oh, I remember Heller saying that for Ausiello, but I thought it was a joke. Maybe it wasn’t just a joke, I’m not sure about it. The only thing I’m sure about is that I badly wanna know what happened to that pony haha

    And I’m the one to thank you, really. Of course I would put your site in my affiliates, it’s about Robin Tunney and it’s beautiful. How could I not? xD

    ps: sorry about my bad English :/


  4. It's the same for me of course!! Thank you!! :-)
    She made me love them too! And it's a shame that some of them didn't get the attention that they should deserve. I'm thinking about Runaway and Open Window (which is my favourite film and my favourite Robin's film). They both are amazing films to me. Robin is just beyond amazing in both of them!
    I read in some reviews in the past that The Mentalist with Simon but with other actors for the other roles would be just as successful. Maybe, I'm not sure at all. Simon is amazing but to play a role so well you have to have co-stars that can stand your talent. And Robin and all the other actors are this way. They are all so real in their roles, and that's another reason why I love The Mentalist!

    Don't worry, your English is great! :-)



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