Saturday, August 28, 2010

Complete English Translation of TV Mag report about The Mentalist 3x03 Behind the Scenes

I translated the whole report that was posted by French TV Mag
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Pause's time during 3x03 The Mentalist's shooting. Simon Baker plays with the camera placed on the rails that are used for moving scenes.

CBI is supposed to be placed in an elegant dismantled factory from the last century. In fact, the ceiling is very high, it has been rebuilt in studio to give the volumes back.

Concentrated, Robin Tunney, Owain Yeoman and Tim Kang are waiting to shoot the next scene. The light that comes from the windows is artificial, because everything is shot inside the Warner Bros studios in Los Angeles.

Former heroine of "Prison Break", Robin Tunney feels blessed to work with Simon Baker. "He's funny and hard worker".

Welsh Owain Yeoman (detective Wayne Rigsby) is one of the most warm actors of the casting. He's really a wardrobe of 1.94, he wanted his questions to be asked in French! He keeps in shape being vegetarian- and he even did a half naked photoshoot for that cause!

It's better not to trust so much the delicate appareance of Robin Tunney: she's a real tomboy at the set! She does also grimaces at the camera between the shoots.

Robin Tunney doesen't think that something romantic will happen between Jane and her character Lisbon. "It wouldn't be a good idea. They are both disables regarding love, and that would bring anything good..".

Simon Baker is very concentrated during the shooting, but he knew how to reward us with one of his beautiful smiles!

Reporter Natalie Chuc sitten on the famous Patrick Janes' couch, that is also Simon Baker's favourite corner. Here, you can notice the golden light, spread by studio's spotlights, that reproduce the typical Californian light.

The reporter Nathalie Chuc with Amanda Righetti (detective Grace Van Pelt). The young actress has different arrows in her quiver as she's also a producer. She lives between LA and Hawaii where she has a house with her husband.

Amanda has some cuts on her hands when we meet her. Nothing bad, "I play boxing for fun, I need it to release stress and I hurt myself..."

Big posters of Sacramento, California's capital, are placed behind windows and fake plants fulfill the illusion.

All the CBI inside fake walls!

Patrick Jane's office during actors and technicians' lunch pause.

All actors' chairs are blue: during pauses, each actor puts the badge and the gun on his/her chair.

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