Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Mentalist Season 3 Spoilers

Pay attention!! What follows are the first spoilers about the third Season of The Mentalist, which will be aired on CBS, September 23 2010.
Don't read what follws if you want to keep the surprise! ;-)

Here what came out in the latest days:

For its third season premiere, titled "Red Sky At Night," CBS's The Mentalist wants an actor to play Gale Bertram, the new director of the Attorney General's Office. The role is expected to last at least five episodes.

Get ready to meet Patrick Jane's con man brother-in-law. He's charismatic and uses his charm and bravado to mask his anxieties. Even though he blames Jane for his sister's death, he'll have to rely on him when he's suspected of murder.

source: TV Giude TvFanatic

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