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Robin's Fans List - We are 100!

We are 100!! 💯

The Robin's Fans List has now reached 100 contributions, from fans from 34 countries around the wrold!

You can check out this page on my website where fans share their love for Robin, why they became fans. The list's aim is also to bring fans together.

Thank you to everyone who has sent their contribution so far, and I remind you that you can send yours whenever you want! 😊

1 Year Ago Today Smokefall Performances Began in NYC

Smokefall performances began one year ago today, on February 4th, 2016 at the  Lucille Lortel Theatre in NYC.Smokefall was Robin’s stage debut, playing the role of Violet, “a dreamy but loving mother”. (New York Times)
“Tunney skillfully conveys both deep maternal love and a careworn forbearance.” (The Daily Beast)“Tunney injects Violet’s natural defeatism with compelling warmth.” (Talkin’ Broadway)“Robin Tunney, making her stage debut as Violet, is also exceptional”.  (NY Theatre Guide) Seeing this play was probably the most beautiful memory I have of 2016. Seeing Robin performing such a character was exciting, moving, something I'll keep in my heart forever.
One of the parts of the play that moved me the most was Violet singing a lullaby for her babies:
"Remember this space Before light knows your name Before my warm embrace Before joy, before pain Remember this wait Before love, before hate Your lives without time Remember this song I'm singing for you It won't be long Then y…