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New Fans Project: Support GEMS

Hi everyone!
A recent tweet by Robin, this one:
@TamTam613 I'm coming to Nyc for the #GEMS fundraiser in October. They're my girls. #supportGEMS — Robin Tunney (@RealRobinTunney) August 24, 2015 reminded me that she supports this great organization in New York City.
I thought that, as fans, we could show our support to a project Robin cares a lot for, by making a donation to GEMS.
First of all, you can read all about this organization HERE - CLICK HERE You'll see what they do is really amazing.
If you like this idea, if you want to support it, please read what follows, thank you.

So my idea is to organize a month of fans donations to GEMS.
From September 1 to September 30, we could all make a donation to GEMS via their website. 
The process is very simple, here's an explanation of how you can do it:

- Go to this page - click here and you will see this page:

- Write down the sum you'd like to donate (in dollars, and it is required the donation to be at least of $10.00),
- The …

"My All American": first stills with Robin Tunney

You can check out here the first stills from the movie "My All American", coming out October 9, 2015, with Robin:


Special "Empire Records" Screening to celebrate 20 years

On August 14th, BuzzFeed organized a special screening of "Empire Records", and before a Q&A qith some of the Cast and the Director. 
You can check out this article (click here) for everything about the event, and these photos, shared by BuzzFeed, plus a photo (the last one), shared by Robin on her Instagram account:

You can also check this video out, a livestream of the event:

Thanks to TunneyWeek

The Mentalist Season 7 Soundtrack

Blake Neely has released music for the final Season of The Mentalist. You can listen to it HERE (click on Season 7).
It's a beautiful way to relive memories from our beloved Show, and I must say, listening to the music, I can feel how much I still miss the Show and its characters so much, I guess it's a feeling that will never go away...

Empire Records' Special Screening

Great news for all the fans of our beloved Deb! There will be a special screening of "Empire Records", for its 20th Anniversary this year, with a Q&A with the movie's Director, and some of the actors, including Robin!
Check this picture out for all the details! The picture was shared by Ethan Embry.

Thanks to Van for the heads up.